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slang Very drunk. I was absolutely pummeled by the time I left the bar last night. His skin was sallow and his teeth turned brown from getting pummeled all day, every day.
See also: pummel


mod. alcohol intoxicated. (Collegiate.) Can you imagine getting pummeled on peppermint schnapps?
See also: pummel
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Do you want to hold them while I pummel them-or shall I hold them while you pummel them?
The other four defence counsel have opted to pummel later.
But Pummel and his team insisted that the craft be destroyed by plunging it into Jupiter's dense, hot atmosphere.
That, in tandem with more complicated border security, will pummel Mexico's tourism industry.
While some questioned the fitness benefits of playing the Wii Fit regularly, UFC Trainer is prepared to pummel you in order to see you shed the pounds.
The suspect, Rudolph Sanders, then grabbed Koeppen's nightstick and was about to pummel the officer with it when two bystanders who witnessed the assault opted to become involved.