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slang Very drunk. I was absolutely pummeled by the time I left the bar last night. His skin was sallow and his teeth turned brown from getting pummeled all day, every day.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (Collegiate.) Can you imagine getting pummeled on peppermint schnapps?
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COLOMBIA'S NEW CULTURE MINISTER, CONSUELO ARAUJONOguera, is getting pummeled. The woman best known for organizing the annual Vallenato music festival in her hometown of Valledupar says budget cuts have forced her to fund only "our own culture," not "foreign culture." She's slashed state support of opera, the Bogota Jazz Festival and the Iberian American Theater Festival.
If novels could get beaten up on the playground, this book would be pummeled daily.
Measurements of energetic particles from an unusually strong solar flare that pummeled Earth early this year suggest that astronauts traveling or working in space might sometimes need to reach shelter within minutes of a warning.
The child's father pummeled the coyote with his golf club, causing the animal to release its grip and momentarily back off.
That's a surprise because Titan, the solar system's second-largest moon after Jupiter's Ganymede, is likely to have been pummeled by debris roaming the outer solar system.
Brian struck the dog on its back so hard with a pogo stick that the stick bent, while Jessica, armed with a golf club, also pummeled the creature.
Alternatively, says Tom Brown of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, many small galaxies rather than a single massive one may have pummeled Andromeda.
But in the previous year, a super-typhoon pummeled the area and produced a flood in which the river's flow rate peaked at about 65 times normal.
When Hurricanes Dennis, Floyd, and Irene pummeled North Carolina in the fall of 1999, they delivered a three-punch combination that for years to come may disturb coastal ecosystems there and disrupt fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.
The results of that work suggested that a huge number of asteroid or comet fragments had pummeled the moon's crust roughly 3.9 billion years ago.
Asteroids and comets have pummeled the inner solar system since its infancy, but most places haven't retained a good record of the bombardment.