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beat (someone) to a pulp

To deliver a violent and prolonged physical attack, often to the point of injury. I can't believe that skinny kid beat the bully to a pulp! His nose was totally gushing blood!
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beat someone to a pulp

If someone beats another person to a pulp they injure them very badly by hitting them repeatedly. I tried to talk myself out of a fight and got beaten to a pulp instead by three other boys. Note: Other verbs can be used instead of beat. Motorists were pulled from their cars, kicked to a pulp, and left to die in the road.
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beat (or smash) someone to a pulp

beat someone severely.
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This problem has been addressed with unique pulping methods called organosolv (breaking the fiber down with concentrated acetic acid or ethanol) and bio-pulping (using fungi in place of synthetic chemicals).
"We have a very competitive environmental platform from a kraft pulping and bleaching standpoint, and it was installed for about 10% of the price of comparable systems," said Van Scotter.
We then determined the amount of heat evolved during kraft pulping by subtracting the energy required for the water from that required for the pulp.
The biggest projects are in pulping, SC, coated paper, and linerboard.
in Pakistan built the first high-yield pulping plant based on wheat straw using a unique pulping technique to produce a pulp ideally suited for manufacturing test liner and corrugating medium paper.
* Marusumi Paper, Japan selected Andritz to deliver a new pulp fiberline and chemical recovery systems for its Ohe mill on Shikoku Island Marusumi Paper will replace the mill's present pulping capacity of 100,000 with the new line's 252,000 metric ton per year capacity.
It is re-writing the rules of the market pulp industry and building a highly competitive business structure based in the latest pulping technology and equipment.