pull (one's) finger out

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pull (one's) finger out

To cease stalling or procrastinating and do something soon or at once. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. I've had my learner's permit for nearly two years—I need to pull my finger out and get my driver's licence already! I wish Mary would pull her finger out about choosing the florist she wants for the wedding.
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pull your finger out


get your finger out

If you tell someone to pull their finger out or get their finger out, you are telling them rudely to start working harder or to start dealing with something. If Bexley Council had any sense they would pull their finger out and shut this place down. I have told them to get their fingers out and start winning games.
See also: finger, out, pull
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get/pull your ˈfinger out

(British English, informal) used to tell somebody to start doing some work or making an effort: I wish the police would get their finger out and solve the crime!If you pull your finger out, we might finish on time.
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