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Like all old-fashioned country practitioners, Doctor Reefy pulled teeth, and the woman who waited held a handkerchief to her teeth and groaned.
Oh, yes, it was a full man's job, and I dosed and doctored, and pulled teeth, and dragged my patients through mild little things like ptomaine poisoning.
Charles recalled that a chemist called Round regularly pulled teeth and that Mandale Road also had a covered market.
On a small rug a dentist neatly piled his collection of pulled teeth to show haw much experience he had.
In the lab, the bacteria easily mixed with saliva and saliva-coated pulled teeth, along with saliva-coated calcium ceramic beads.
The researchers found that differences in fluoride concentrations among the districts explained 24 percent of the variation they found in the children's dental health, including the number of cavities, pulled teeth, and fillings.
IT'S not been all pulled teeth this week because on Wednesday Gordon Brown put on his red cloak and white beard and shot down every punter's chimney with the wonderful gift of the abolition of betting tax.
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