pull weight

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pull (one's) weight

To contribute to a group activity or project in proportion to one's abilities or role. If you don't pull your weight, our presentation will never be finished on time.
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pull (one's) weight

To do one's own share, as of work.
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pull one's (own) weight, to

To do one’s share of the work. This term comes from rowing, where each member of a crew must pull on an oar at least hard enough to propel his or her own weight. The term was used figuratively from about 1900 on. In a 1902 speech, Theodore Roosevelt said, “The first requisite of a good citizen . . . is that he shall be able and willing to pull his weight.”
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Another 1 pound, 8 ounces of force is required to trip the hammer at the second stage for a total pull weight of just a little less than 3 pounds 8 ounces.
Options include single or two stage, straight or curved trigger profile and your choice of pull weights.
This can all be done without removing the unit from the receiver if you decide you want to change the pull weight you initially dialed in.
It has also been designed so that the pull weight is distributed over the entire hand and grip.
The P320 shares the barrel, grip and magazine with the P250, but where the P250 stumbled (trigger pull weight and quality) the P320 shines.
Quoting the user manual, "The trigger pull weight on our Cobra Derringers is higher than on most firearms due to the fact there is no trigger guard and a stiffer trigger pull provided an additional level of safety.
Double action first shot trigger pull weight is spec'd by the factory at 10 pounds double action, four pounds single action.
Even at its lowest trigger pull weight, the trigger is engineered to withstand being bumped without accidentally going off.
5-pound trigger pull weight, and most mil-spec AR trigger components provide a gritty six- to eight-pound pull.
By that I mean the length of the first stage can be reduced or increased, but the trigger pull weight does not change.
Q: What minimum trigger pull weight is required to reliably discharge a .
To adjust AccuTrigger pull weight, simply remove the two pillar-bedding stock screws, lift off the stock and insert the slotted tool supplied with the rifle into the bottom of the trigger return spring.
Trigger pull weight measured eight pounds, five ounces.
A modern striker-fired pistol might have a pull weight of 5 to 7 pounds and a relatively short trigger movement.