pull (one) into (some place or thing)

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pull (one) into (some place or thing)

1. Literally, to drag one roughly or forcibly into some place or thing. I grabbed my brother's arm and pulled him into the other room to tell him the news in private. A rope from the sinking boat caught around my ankle and dragged me into the water.
2. To involve one in something, especially that which unpleasant or undesirable. Ugh, why are you always pulling me into your petty drama?
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pull someone or something into something

 and pull someone or something in
to haul or drag someone or something into something or some place. She pulled him into the room and closed the door. Lisa pulled in her friend and closed the door.
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pull someone into something

 and pull someone in
Fig. to get someone involved in something. Please don't pull me into this argument. Don't pull in anyone else.
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