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And then all I have to do is pull the trigger, eight times, as fast as I can quiver my finger.
I say no man need tell me that snapping is as good as firing when I pull the trigger.
Before he got his feet, I had clapped a pistol to his back, and might have shot him, too; only at the touch of him (and him alive) my whole flesh misgave me, and I could no more pull the trigger than I could have flown.
All this I saw, and my brain now working rapidly, I thought a thousand thoughts; and yet I could not pull the triggers.
Put the dot on the target, pull the trigger and it goes away.
Does anybody really think that he consciously made a decision to pull the trigger into his mirror?
They want to commit suicide (dressed up as "die a Muslim warrior"), and provoke the police to pull the trigger.
but the training doesn't give you that moral compass - that value set - to say, 'Do I pull the trigger or do I not?
Load the cylinder with live rounds, close it, aim it, and pull the trigger.
The author describes field-stripping the firearm, writing that you should pull the trigger to disassemble.
A MAN who shot dead his pal after the victim dared him to pull the trigger was jailed for four years yesterday.
Keeping a thumb on the hammer spur, pull the trigger and let the hammer fall all the way forward.
If you are standing behind the gun and you pull the trigger, you have to take the consequences.
His family worried the electric current may have caused him to clench his fingers and pull the trigger.
Don't aim a gun at your leg and pull the trigger just because you think you know that it is unloaded or on safe.
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