pull the rug

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pull the rug (out) from under (someone's) feet

To suddenly or unexpectedly remove or rescind support, help, or assistance from someone; to abruptly leave someone in a problematic or difficult situation. I felt like someone had pulled the rug out from under my feet when my health insurance said it was going to stop paying for my medical bills. I'd love to up and quit my job, but I just can't pull the rug from under their feet like that.
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pull the rug (from under someone)

abruptly withdraw support from someone.
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My own goals for a Senate bill include: 1) rescuing the thousands of Tennesseans and millions of Americans who will be trapped in collapsing Affordable Care Act exchanges with few or even zero options for health insurance in 2018 unless Congress acts; 2) lowering premium costs, which have increased under the ACA law; 3) gradually giving states more flexibility on the Medicaid program, but doing this in a way that does not pull the rug out from under people who rely on Medicaid; and 4) making sure those with pre-existing conditions have access to insurance.
LEADERS of England's biggest cities uniting to fight Tory rogue landlord David Cameron's order to pull the rug from under the feet of council tenants will test the Conservative commitment to devolution.
Cignal rallied from two sets down to pull the rug from under RC ColaAir Force, 2325, 2225, 2521, 2516, 1614.
As secretary of the local Chamber of Trade I know how hard it is for the retailers, who put back into society with rates and taxes, to make a proper living and they resent schemes which pull the rug from under their hard work.
IT'S typical of Everton to build up your hopes one week, only to then pull the rug from under you the next.
The movement of jobs offshore will pull the rug out from under these workers and eliminate the jobs they came here for.
Confidence is an entertaining and slickly-directed suspense thriller, which fails to pull the rug from under us.
I'M OFF to watch Arsenal take on Inter Milan this week, but given the choice I'd prefer to be in Glasgow to watch Celtic attempt to pull the rug from beneath Bayern Munich.
Is that why faceless failed leaders are now trying to pull the rug from under him?
BBC director general Greg Dyke wants to pull the rug from underneath his ITV rivals' feet by undermining their decision to restore ITN's News At Ten.
He said: "I wanted to pull the rug from under people.
We get these dramatic moments that all actors want, but then they inevitably pull the rug out.
05) can pull the rug from under the feet of some highly regarded rivals at Newmarket today.
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