pull the plug on someone/something

pull the plug (on someone or something)

1. Literally, to discontinue the power supply for a device by removing its power cable from the socket. The computer crashed so badly that the only thing I could do was pull the plug. She pulled the plug on the vacuum cleaner because I couldn't hear what she was saying.
2. By extension, to force something to end; to remove the means for something to continue operating. The new president pulled the plug on several of his predecessor's programs as soon as he took office. They pulled the plug because they felt our department wasn't an important part of the business.
3. To remove, turn off, or discontinue someone's life-support system, resulting in their death. Despite many objections, the court ruled that the family could pull the plug. I've instructed my family to pull the plug on me if I ever become brain dead.
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pull the plug (on someone/something)

tv. to put an end to someone or something as a problem; to defuse a problem caused by someone or something. (As if one were disconnecting an electrical appliance.) I’ve heard enough from Mr. Jones. It’s time to pull the plug on him.
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