pull up to

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pull up to (someone or something)

1. To drag, tug, or draw someone or something in the direction of and next to someone's, something's, or one's position. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "pull" and "up to." Pull a chair up to me and we'll go over your latest essay. The teacher pulled me up to the front of the class scolded me in front of everyone for being so disruptive.
2. To move up to and stop directly beside someone or something in a vehicle, especially a car. The police car pulled up to the group of teenagers and told them to stop loitering. Pull up to the loading bay around back, and we'll put the cargo into the truck.
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pull something up to something

 and pull something up
to draw something close to something else. She pulled the chair up to the table and began to examine the papers. She pulled up a chair.
See also: pull, to, up

pull up to something

to drive up close to something. I pulled up to the drive-in window and placed my order. When the taxi pulls up to the curb, open the door and get in.
See also: pull, to, up
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