pull something

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pull (something) in

To yield a profit of a stated sum of money. They're latest product has already pulled in nearly $15 million in its first two months on the market.
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pull (something) off

1. To forcibly remove something (from or off something else). Don't pull the bandage off or the wound might get infected. Kids have been going around at night pulling numbers off the front of houses.
2. To be able to perform or complete something, especially in the face of hardships, difficulties, or setbacks. Congratulations on winning the case! I wasn't sure you'd pull it off. If they're able to pull the merger off, they would form the largest single corporation in the world.
3. To exit off a major road or highway by means of a lesser one. If you pull off the highway at Junction 5, you'll be able to reach the town in less than an hour. We pulled off at a truck stop just outside the city.
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pull something

Play a trick, deceive someone, as in We thought he was trying to pull something when he claimed he had never picked up our tickets . It is often put as pull something on someone, as in I knew he was pulling something on me when he told me the wrong date. Also see pull a fast one.
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pull something

To carry out a deception or swindle: worried that his partners might be trying to pull something behind his back.
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Anyone else trying to pull something like this off would be charged with copyright infringement.
But the surveyors were mostly old (like me), retired hospital administrators who would generally pull something out of their briefcases (like a great procedure from XYZ Hospital) and give me a copy.
So we decided that we'd pull something together to get a clearer indication and maybe it will reveal that it's an issue in one community, but it might not be across the board.
Do you know that it's a bit embarrassing for me to ask a favor from an old friend and have you pull something like that?
Tom Grimes' try in the second half was a great example of what we can do and to pull something like that out of the bag was tremendous.
The problem is that ITV needed to pull something great out of the hat to make Saturdays worth tuning in for before X Factor starts.
The fighting spirit never died and it was great that we could pull something out of the bag.
To stay in this league someone's going to have to pull something out like that.
He is a player who may be average for 60 minutes, but over 80 minutes he can pull something out of the bag.
Mido, pictured, was out on loan all of last season and it's already clear that both players will have to pull something special out of the bag if they are to take any part in Strachan's summer plans.
I needed to pull something out of the bag to redeem myself and fortunately I got the chance with the penalty.
He has the knowledge to pull something like this off, and can't think of something better to invent?
I think we have relaxed our guard today, because whatever infection we have we think we can just pull something off the shelf and deal with it.
King George caution Brough Scott says moving the King George to Ascot would be good for racing, but to pull something up by its roots often kills it.
After being in the bottom two last week he needed to pull something really special out of the hat to get back in favour, and he did.