pull into

pull in(to) (some place)

To drive up to and park at some location. Let me pull into a gas station and I'll call you back. The train didn't pull in until nearly 11 PM due to all the delays.
See also: pull

pull someone or something into something

 and pull someone or something in
to haul or drag someone or something into something or some place. She pulled him into the room and closed the door. Lisa pulled in her friend and closed the door.
See also: pull

pull someone into something

 and pull someone in
Fig. to get someone involved in something. Please don't pull me into this argument. Don't pull in anyone else.
See also: pull
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I've seen people pull to the left, pull into oncoming traffic, you name it,'' said Capt.
Helo drivers should be aware of this potential problem before attempting to land on the lee side of a mountain and ending up with a tailwind instead of a head wind while trying to pull into a hover.