pull in front of

pull in front (of someone or something)

1. To position one's car directly in front of someone or something, whether when parking or while in motion. I was just about to enter the lane when a huge truck pulled in front of me. Some jerk pulled in front of my driveway, so now I can't get out of my house!
2. To move to a physical location in front of another person or thing, especially during a race. They were neck and neck during the race, but the Nigerian runner pulled in front in the final seconds. I need to follow behind you to know where we're going, so please don't pull too far in front of us in traffic.
3. To move into a position of greater success (than someone or something) in some competitive activity. The software giant has begun pulling in front in the video game market thanks to its revolutionary new console. She pulled in front of her opponent in the election.
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pull (out) in front of someone or something

to drive out into the road in front of someone or some vehicle. A car pulled out in front of me, and I almost hit it. The car pulled in front of a truck and there was a terrible wreck.
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