pull for (someone or something)

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pull for (someone or something)

To encourage, support, or root for someone or something; to wish the best for someone or something in an endeavor or activity. His whole hometown was pulling for him as he made his professional boxing debut on live television. I've always pulled for the company to succeed, since they made some of my most cherished games growing up. We're all pulling for you, kiddo. You're going to do great.
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pull for someone or something

to support and cheer for someone, a group, or something. We're pulling for you. We know you can do it! All the students were pulling for the team.
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pull for

To give encouragement and support to someone or something; root for someone or something: Good luck in the game tomorrow—we're all pulling for you!
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I will never pull for someone to fail, as I know I will too."
It's hard not to pull for someone so determined to do the near-impossible.
But he said: "I've never seen a crowd in my 30 years of being around the PGA pull for someone the way they pulled for this kid."