pull back

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pull (someone or something) back

To pull, tug, or haul someone or something backwards or away from something. He pulled the small child back from the street. I pulled the curtains back and saw that it had been snowing overnight.
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pull back

To back away, withdraw, or retreat. We're being fired at by someone in the rooftops; everyone, pull back! I pulled back a bit when I realized that I had been putting too much pressure on my pupil.
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pull someone or something back (from someone or something)

to grasp and haul someone or something away from someone or something. The cop pulled the kid away from the other kid and made them stop fighting. I pulled back the child from the dangerous hole.
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pull back (from someone or something)

to move back from someone or something. When I saw how sick he looked, I pulled back from him in shock. I took one look at the snake and pulled back.
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pull back

Retreat, as in The troops gradually pulled back. [Mid-1500s]
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pull back

1. To haul or tug something or someone backward: I pulled my hair back and put it in a ponytail. She pulled back the curtain and looked outside. He pulled me back from the edge of the cliff.
2. To withdraw or retreat: The firefighters pulled back when the fire reached the gas tanks.
3. To order someone to withdraw or retreat: The commander pulled the troops back to a safer position. Aid organizations are pulling back volunteers until the fighting in that area stops.
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The annular region between the pipe and the borehole should be filled with drilling mud to minimize the frictional loads on the pipe during pull back.
It is permissible to drill the pilot hole and preream, if necessary, one day and complete both the final backream and pull back another day.
We pull back to see that the crop circle is in the shape of the Coors Light logo.
We came back and it was obvious at that point the fire people had given up, and I said, Pull back, pull back.
Continued sector rotation seems likely, so the averages may stagnate or pull back in the near term.
Although there has been a recent pull back from the stock's 52-week highs, it looks poised to continue its upward trend.
Murray talked about Sharper Image (NASDAQ:SHRP) on Tuesday; after some morning softness it had a breakout to a new high and then a little pull back.
The stock has been handling the pull back well and looks higher.
Use this expert's commentary and learn about three stocks that have shown strength when they pull back in price.
This is now the site of peak back-month put open interest and could serve as options-related support should the shares pull back.
With the consumer beginning to pull back on purchases, MAY's problems are not a surprise to Wall Street.
Short term we do expect a pull back - the run up from $9-something was steep.