pull away from

pull away from (someone or something)

1. To withdraw or move backward from someone or something. I pulled away from Jana as she leaned in to kiss me. You can tell they used cheap glue because the stickers are already beginning to pull away from the toy.
2. To drag, haul, or force someone or something away from someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "pull" and "away." She pulled me away from the road just as the bus careered past. I pulled the two-by-four away from the sawblades when I realized that it was the wrong piece.
3. Of a vehicle, to begin moving forward and away from someone or something. It was only once the train started pulling away from the station that I realized I'd left my laptop onboard. I waved to her through the window as the bus pulled away from me.
4. To move to a superior position in a competition, either physically or figuratively. It was neck and neck for most of the race, but the blue car pulled away from the rest during the final lap. The political newcomer has begun pulling away from the incumbent senator in the polls.
5. To withdraw socially or emotionally from someone. I feel like Sarah has been pulling away from us over the last few weeks. I hope something isn't seriously wrong. Please don't pull away from your friends in a time of crisis—we just want to help you!
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pull someone or something away from someone or something

 and pull someone or something away
to grasp and haul someone or something away from someone or something. The lady pulled the child away from the edge of the well. Please pull your dog away from my hedge. Pull away that dog, or I will call the police!
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pull away from someone or something

to jerk away or draw away from someone or something. Suddenly, she pulled away from me and fled. The car pulled away from the curb and drove off.
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References in classic literature ?
Bill was that rare kind of boy who could pull away from the traces just when he seemed most thoroughly broken to the harness.
He coaxed and blustered by turns, but in vain; the natives were neither to be intimidated nor appeased, and as a final resort he was obliged to call together his boat's crew, and pull away from what he termed the most infernal place he ever stepped upon.
The market was supported by a firmer currency in Brazil, which helped the contract pull away from the three-month low of 93.40 cents hit on Tuesday.
Two-up over Polthai and Tseng after completion of 36-hole play marred by weather delay in the first round, Sung threatened to pull away from the pack with a pair of back-to-back birdies to start and close out his frontside against a bogey then kept his assault of the flat, tricky layout with superb shotmaking, iron play and putting to produce three birdies in the last six holes for a second straight six-under card and stay way ahead at 201.
AFC Leopards will be aiming to give Andre Cassa Mbungo his first win as Ingwe coach with a victory over Sony Sugar at Bukhungu Stadium while leaders Bandari will be aiming to pull away from second-placed Gor Mahia who are not in action locally this weekend.Mathare United will be out to get one over Bandari and move back into second place.
The 29-year-old continued to pull away from his competitors in the closing stages to win in 1:00:24, improving his PB by one minute and 44 seconds.
Kids SHOULD start to pull away from their parents at this age - it's called growing up - and you resist that change at your peril.
Yeo downed IM Oliver Dimakiling to pull away from the field with 5.5 points after six rounds, virtually assuring the 17-year-old of one of two World Cup berths at stake in the nine-round Swiss System event.
Brandon Land scored six fourth-quarter points Thursday to help Junction City pull away from Stayton for a 52-44 nonleague home boys basketball win.
Just a normal pull away from a stop." He said he saw Mr Siddoway lighting a cigarette by the shelter door as he pulled up at the stand, and he didn't see him move from this position.
Shaw made several attempts to pull away from his rival but this proved unsuccessful as they moved through halfway in 15 minutes.
Both sides have hit form but I expect Port to give themselves a lift and pull away from the relegation zone.
"To do that we need to win the next few games to open up a gap, pull away from other teams and put some distance between us and the rest.'' Albion recorded their second 5-0 haul of the season, having beaten Middlesbrough by the same scoreline in September.
Ellis said he could not pull away from the bus stop immediately because of the traffic on the road.
Given their appalling away form in the league, Roy Hodgson's side need to pick up as many wins as possible at home if they are to pull away from the bottom three.