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Again, pull apart his eyelid, then have your friend give the eye a good long squirt of saline solution.
The ring fixture opens using an easy-to-operate sliding lever, eliminating pinched fingers as well as the need to push on metal tabs of pull apart rings.
The puzzle pieces--or plates--move slowly; But they continually collide with each other or pull apart.
A foolproof method for cooking almost any green, and a good way to get to know how to cook the different varieties, is to rinse, remove any tough stems, then pull apart the leaves into hand-sized pieces.
Just as the breweries were broken up following the good work of CAMRA (to take a small example) we need to pull apart these large empires.
Featuring a patented interlocking stud and body that cannot accidently pull apart, they are offered with cast iron or stainless steel bodies and either energy absorption or vibration isolation pads.
Then, for five minutes, before a riveted audience, the pair lock arms, shove one another away, embrace, attack, cuddle, pull apart.
According to Freedman, the reason he and his colleagues have been so successful so far is because they try to focus on doing their job and meeting the budget, instead of joining in the political squabbles that often pull apart co-op boards and management agents.
At such sites, called mid-ocean ridges, two plates pull apart and molten rock wells up from beneath to form new plate material.
What takes pounds 60million to put together - and just a few months to pull apart.
As the plates pull apart, they open up a crack that allows lava to rise from inside Earth.