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Moira Parsons with Ann Webb (both Welford), Di Wilkinson (Stoke) and Pat Moore (3 Spires) started slowly but five shots on the sixth end gave them a boost and they managed to pull ahead to a 21-17 win.
But the Pioneers answered with a pair of goals to pull ahead 12-9 and it remained a three-goal lead until van den Berg scored her third of the game with 4:44 to play.
Cowden were unlucky not to pull ahead just before the break but Brown scooped the ball from a Winter's cross over the bar.
However, now that nanowires can be grown with stripes of different semiconducting materials, the wires may pull ahead of tubes in that race, Lieber notes.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-8 August 2001-Asia to pull ahead of the US in terms of Internet subscribers by 2003 (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Proof that, in the size stakes, City are starting to pull ahead of their neighbours.
In the constant rivalry between capacity and speed, speed is beginning to pull ahead. The ability to handle increased transactions per second seems to have become more important than capacities per individual spindle.
After starting out strong, the Lady Maroons allowed the Lady Warriors to gain steam and pull ahead 2-1 but recovered just in time in the fourth to force a deciding set.
After a tie and three lead changes, Elgin took the lead on a 3-pointer by Trey Yarber with 1:38 to play to pull ahead 56-54.
The crew from The Old Bridge at Ripponden pull ahead of Vicky's Vikings at the start of the dragon boat race.
Washington, Sep.1 (ANI): President Barack Obama's approval ratings maybe very low, but according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, none of his GOP rivals will pull ahead of him in 2012.
Because Ellis is so dominant on hills, Oram and Marlboro coach Mark Vital decided the best plan would be to pull ahead early, allow Ellis to catch up during the uphill portion of the race, then use a final burst to reach the finish line first.
With the three picking up the tempo, the Kings were able to pull ahead, 92-80.
In the elite amateur open category, Korean Park Min-ung , the former national junior champion, scored a 70 to pull ahead by four shots over JP de Claro and Ira Alido.
Based on this data, and what you already know about these countries, which country is likely to pull ahead of the other in the foreseeable future, and why?