pull ahead

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pull ahead (of someone or something)

to pass someone or something and continue moving. The runner pulled ahead of the rest of the field. Our car pulled ahead of theirs.
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Chris Carter went 1 for 3 with two RBI and helped the JetHawks (0-1) take a 3-1 lead, which they held until seventh inning when San Jose (1-0), owners of the best first-half record, scored six runs to pull ahead.
But the PlayStation 3 (PS3) will eventually pull ahead if Sony ensures that its online experience matches that of the Xbox 360, and that its Cell processor technology meets its full potential to transform gaming into a near-video quality experience.
Now more than ever, companies need to build business around their customers' specific needs if they are to pull ahead and stay ahead of the competition," said Chris Gardner Vice President, Self-Service Marketing, Siebel Systems.
Pacific made four of five shots in an 8-0 run to pull ahead by 17.
While the Van Global Hedge Fund Index stayed ahead of those equity benchmarks for much of the year, their strong returns in the past two months allowed them to pull ahead for calendar year 2004 with returns of 10.
Reliever Ryan Holsten (7-6) allowed the 66ers to pull ahead one inning after Lancaster tied the game.
At Lombardi, we have a unique product vision that clearly has enabled us to pull ahead of the pack," said Phil Gilbert, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Lombardi.
South Alabama (8-11) rallied to pull ahead in the bottom of the ninth when Quendon Montgomery doubled to right center and scored the tying run on a sacrifice bunt by Kevin Williams, who eventually scored the winning run.
0 gives companies the solution they need to pull ahead of the pack by offering their customers a truly unique way to conduct business online and do so in a faster, more efficient manner.
Mission Viejo went on an 11-2 run in the second quarter to pull ahead by five.
Although Fitch believes that there may have been some pull ahead from Q1 into the extremely strong December 2002 sales month, it remains unclear exactly how big that pull ahead might have been, and market share trends will be monitored closely.
On the Gauchos' next possession, guard Joe See nailed an open 3-pointer from the left wing against the zone to pull ahead 52-43.
Ultra-low sulfur diesel is needed to enable aftertreatment technologies and to allow pull ahead of clean diesel technology, and we need it to be available no later than June 2006.
My hunch is LSU would pull ahead of USC in the New York Times poll too but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't,'' Palm said.