bull pucky

1. Foolish, deceitful, bombastic, or arrogant talk. Primarily heard in US. Ah, don't listen to Jem, he's just full of bull pucky.
2. Bull feces. Primarily heard in US. Watch out for bull pucky with all these animals roaming around out here.
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horse pucky

1. Foolish, deceitful, bombastic, or arrogant talk. Primarily heard in US. Ah, don't listen to Jem—he's just full of horse pucky.
2. Something that is worthless, terrible, disingenuous, or unfair. Primarily heard in US. This is horse pucky! I'm supposed to be graduating next spring and instead I've got to repeat my senior year! Can you believe this horse pucky? They're trying to charge us double on our insurance just because of that fender bender we had last month!
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1. n. bull dung. Why didn’t you watch where you were going? Didn’t you expect to find bull-pucky in a barnyard?
2. n. nonsense; bullshit. That’s all just bull-pucky. Don’t believe a word of it.
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Horse pucky! Any objections to the use of the word tranny are based in classism and anti-sex sentimentality.
"That's absolute horse pucky. Going back to early products, including the first-gen GNS navigators, we realized that it's in Garmin's best interest to interface with as many products as possible.
They will attract people who just want to BS and hold you up faster than horse pucky attracts flies.
His brother Frank "Pucky" Cariglia and his sister, Santa Ciccarelli predeceased him.
The Attorney-General moves to sanction counsel for the Ngara-Irrai and Tmetuchl, jointly and severally, for their "reliance on namby-pamby, time-wasting, due-process horse pucky." Opposition, p.
What has changed is many adult Americans are buying into political horse pucky akin to my dad's ice cream cone logic.
Horse pucky. If it were the economy, the television ratings wouldn't have crashed harder than a rock falling from The Trop's roof.
"Total horse pucky," the Daily Mail quoted Cassidy historian Dan Buck as saying.
Meltdown: Tristan's career is in doubt because officials are blocking US move; Pucky break: Tristan has I played for teams in the US, Canada and Holland; Appeal: Mum Sally is being backed by their MP
That's the one where you open your wine, sniff deeply, smell a sweaty saddle, and all debates about good and bad Brett become instantly irrelevant, because you know in your heart of hearts you've just created a vast red sea of expensive liquid horse pucky.
Turbo Linn takes her 100 per cent record to eight in the Plantation Stud Stakes at Newmarket on Saturday.; Pictures, JULIAN HERBERT/GETTY IMAGES Joe Fanning and Medicea Sidera (right) just get home ahead of Pucky (Robert Havlin) in the Lettergold Plastics Maiden Stakes at Newmarket on Saturday
There are those who say that you cannot transition to the LOC approach from an ILS and I say "bull pucky." I have even read articles wherein the author said that I must waste four-dollar-a-gallon fuel and come back for the LOC if the glideslope failed on the first approach.
Williams tells them that I'm doing a story about the sightings, and he smiles to let them know that he thinks it's pucky, but within five minutes, without the faintest hint of irony, all three Food and Cover guys avow their belief that mountain lions, without doubt, exist in these woods.
"Bull pucky, I say!" declares JonPaul Lussier, ASID, of Sonnet Design Incorporated.