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rag the puck

1. In ice hockey, to attempt to run out the remaining time in a game by maintaining possession of the puck for as long possible. The team is notorious for ragging the puck whenever they take the lead.
2. By extension, to stall, postpone, or otherwise cause a delay by deliberately engaging in time-wasting activities. Primarily heard in Canada. Activist groups are claiming that the government has ragged the puck in relation to legislation that would better protect the environment. Quit ragging the puck, John, and make a decision already!
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ice the puck

In ice hockey, to commit an icing, a minor infraction that occurs when the puck is advanced from behind one's own team's red line to beyond the other team's goal line without being touched by the other team. Come on, man, how could you ice the puck at a crucial time in the game like this?
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puck bunny

1. slang A female ice-hockey fan, especially one whose focus is primarily on the attractiveness of male players or on displaying their own physical attractiveness for others to see. I'm on a forum where me and other puck bunnies share our stories of players we've managed to hook up with. There's a whole section devoted to pictures of puck bunnies posed seductively in a player's jersey or with a team's banner on display.
2. slang A female ice-hockey player, especially one who is considered especially attractive. I think all women who play hockey professionally are hot just by virtue of what they do for a living, but there are some who stand out from the rest as true puck bunnies.
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and puck bunny
n. a kind of groupie that follows hockey players. (Puck bunny is a play on fuck bunny.) She doesn’t like the game, she’s just a hockey-whore. Just a cheap, skanky puck bunny, that’s her!

puck bunny

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Hockey pucks are made of vulcanized rubber and glide smoother and faster when frozen, said Dan Craig, NHL Vice President of Facilities Operations.
For more information on Pucks for Autism, visit www.pucksforautism.com.
"There's some gap or play built in, but it's shooting running targets constantly at 80 pucks per minute at minimum, and it hits it very consistently."
"I can see the puck if it is within range," Arndt said.
When asked about what went through his mind when the puck came to him, McGreevey's answer was simple.
Connacht champion Jack Coyne of Galway won a tight Under 16 competition in 25 pucks, one ahead of Limerick's Adam O'Brien.
Another player picked up the puck and skated toward the net.
“The Quick Puck Loader is a great innovation that aids in loading pucks quickly and reduces the potential for mis-alignment and reduces the risks of damaging crystals during loading.”
The team had also marked the players' sticks and the pucks with reflective stickers that could be seen by six 3-D motion capture cameras, which were placed around the goal.
The claimant, Arla, produces a soft cheese particularly well known in the Arabic-speaking EU community called "Puck".
Today's pucks are chemically composed of a handful of materials, all leading to improvement in its functionality.
The elastic deflected the pucks into the second lane and back towards the players.
The cookies are sold in frozen pre-portioned circles of dough that look similar to hockey pucks. All inexperienced staff need do is place them on a baking sheet in their frozen state, and they are then transferred to the oven where the baking process spreads them to larger diameters, in only a few minutes.
But according to the 'Pele' of North American ice hockey, Wayne Gretzky, the Queen's attempt at dropping the puck to start last night's game in Vancouver was 'just fine'.
Spectators have been killed or injured by flying debris from race cars, lightning strikes, overzealous crowds, hockey pucks and baseballs.