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clear (something) for publication

To confirm that something is ready to be published; to approve for publication. We need to clear this story for publication as soon as possible so we get it out there before any of our competitors.
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not for publication

Not to be shared, spread around, or talked about with anyone else. Look, this isn't for publication, but I heard there's going to be a round of layoffs next month. Jen and David are getting a divorce! No one else knows yet, so that isn't for publication.
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clear something for publication

to approve the release of something so it can be published. The government refused to clear the story for publication. I want to clear this for publication as soon as possible.
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not for publication

not to be talked about openly; secret. Please tell no one about this. It's not for publication. This report is not for publication, so keep it to yourself.
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With such emphasis being placed on publication in the T5 journals, one could surmise that these journals far exceed other journals in quality, which would not be an accurate assumption.
The Home Ministry (KDN) has issued a prohibition order on six publications for content which could be detrimental to public order, morality, public interest and may corrupt the minds of the public.
The following variables were then entered into a dataset including: abstract number, year of presentation, publications status and year of publication, time to publication in months, corresponding journal, journal IF, institution (anonymous Quebec institutions 1 to 4 representing the 4 faculties of medicine and non-Quebec institutions categorized into 1 group), research type (basic science vs.
Table 3 shows the specialty-wise analysis of biomedical publication. Medicine accounted for 14.1% of all the biomedical publications, followed by ophthalmology (10.4%) and surgery (10.4%).
Even though most publication staffs have a business department and advertising sales people making financial decisions, advisers are responsible for meeting the budget (Button, 1982).
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The fundamental issue with redundant publication is that it violates the trust placed by readers of a journal that content is original unless there is a clear statement to the contrary.
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If so, then bibliographers could exploit that rate to date documents relative to those with known publication dates.
Know whether you're asking for a printed tech manual, an electronic manual (EM) compact disc, an interactive electronic tech manual CD (IETM), or a publication such as PS Magazine.
According to King, when he distributes a press release, he follows up with a call to the publication. "Become familiar with the publications you send your releases to.
The averages and price lists formulated by these publications have been widely used for decades (and, in fact, two such price averages are presented in chart format in this publication), but that does not mean that the relationship between traders and these publications is always harmonious.