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pub crawl

A tour of local pubs or bars, usually with the purpose of having one or more drinks at each along the way. We're going on a literary pub crawl tonight to visit all the pubs the city's famous authors used to frequent. That's the last time I do a pub crawl; my body just can't handle that much booze anymore!
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a ˈpub crawl

(British English, informal) a visit to several pubs, going straight from one to the next and drinking in each one: We went on a pub crawl last night.
See also: crawl, pub
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You should never underestimate the pulling power of, or the passion people feel for, particular pubs - whether they be much-loved locals or city centre pubs which inspire the same devotion.
It is shortlisted alongside five other pubs in the best beer pub category of the Great British pub Awards.
With 29 pubs a week closing, it's becoming increasingly apparent that pubs are seen as soft targets for property developers, keen to use loopholes in planning law which allow them to acquire and change the use of a pub, or demolish it completely, with no reference to the communities the pubs serve, or local planning authorities.
Head of Business Banking at Barclays, Adam Rowse, commented "It's been long-reported that this is an industry met by challenges for pub owners, however our research shows that this has not deterred the next generation of 'pub innovators' from setting up shop.
He added: "e pub companies have been able to abuse their position and squeeze pubs until they close.
But the Federation of Small Businesses and other bodies such as real ale campaigners CAMRA claim that some pub RA claim that some pub R companies hike up prices, and the practice has contributed to the closure of many pubs.
In a pub packed with appreciative customers on Saturday afternoon, Camra's regional director Ian Saunders congratulated the couple on their success in re-opening the premises and turning it into a thriving community pub and real ale brewery.
North Shields' e Staith House - formerly e Dolphin - is up for the Best Turnaround Pub prize after being taken over by MasterChef: e Professionals "nalist John Calton.
It's been a very difficult few years for the pub industry, and there are no signs that it is just about to get any easier.
It is almost as if a pub is a bit of a status symbol for a community, even if they don't use it much they want to know that they have the option to do so if they wish," the Telegraph quoted Mintel as saying.
And if someone wants to smoke, they can do it in their own home, but they can't do it in a pub.
The Piccadilly Pub restaurant chain apparently closed a number of its restaurants yesterday.
Mr Clark has become increasingly concerned at latest figures which have cast gloom on the pub trade in Britain.
The problem is the property owning pub companies and the concept of "The Tie".
Vintners' Association chief Paul Stevenson claimed much drinking had moved out of the controlled environment of the pub and into homes and on to streets.