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psychological warfare

The use of threats, intimidation, or other such tactics to try to bring about a particular outcome. The dropping of leaflets announcing the bombing campaign was really just psychological warfare. All right, I'll go to the family dinner if only to get mom to stop her psychological warfare. I can't stand the way she tries to guilt me!

the psychological moment

The time at which someone or something is most able or likely to achieve success or desired result. The devastation of the country was the psychological moment for the dictator to seize power. The attack on the region created the psychological moment for the two rival nations to finally put aside their differences and join forces.

the ˌpsychological ˈmoment

the best time to do something in order for it to be successful: The publication of her first novel came at the psychological moment, and she became well known very quickly.
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It is trying to assert its arrival and India has to be psychologically prepared for everything".
Jazz is an award-winning workplace and being honoured for fostering a psychologically healthy workplace further demonstrates that.
Many parents don't realise the level of access their children have to material far too sexually explicit and which could be psychologically damaging.
Critique: An exceptional volume of original and seminal scholarship, "The Psychologically Healthy Workplace: Building a Win-Win Environment for Organizations and Employees" is an essential and core addition to academic library Business and Psychology reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists.
This group are so tight that it is a difficult one psychologically for them to handle.
The recognition took place at the APA's 10th annual Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards ceremony.
Commenting on victim's psychological condition, Dr Kuldip Kumar said, "Doctors followed a sensitive approach while interacting with the patient and our preliminary investigations have shown that she is psychologically composed.
children, women, they are all psychologically affected.
Children have attempted to end their own lives, and have been left seriously physically and psychologically damaged.
com)-- Nominations now accepted for 2010 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards
WASHING W hands psychologically helps to quell doubts about recent decisions, research suggests.
In addition, in children who said they recalled ever being abused physically, psychologically or sexually, there was a statistically significant association between abuse and both abdominal pain and nausea or vomiting.
Every day I read about women getting their boobs done on the NHS because they are psychologically scarred by being flat chested.
He said: "We have a difficult situation for this game psychologically because the fans think after this good beginning, the two qualifiers, that the game is easy.
of Utah) present policy makers and advanced undergraduates and above in courses dealing with media effects and theory with an empirically-grounded multi-method dismantling of the notion--referred to here as "myth"--that exposure to media violence increases social aggression in the psychologically well population.