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psychological warfare

The use of threats, intimidation, or other such tactics to try to bring about a particular outcome. The dropping of leaflets announcing the bombing campaign was really just psychological warfare. All right, I'll go to the family dinner if only to get mom to stop her psychological warfare. I can't stand the way she tries to guilt me!

the psychological moment

The time at which someone or something is most able or likely to achieve success or desired result. The devastation of the country was the psychological moment for the dictator to seize power. The attack on the region created the psychological moment for the two rival nations to finally put aside their differences and join forces.

the ˌpsychological ˈmoment

the best time to do something in order for it to be successful: The publication of her first novel came at the psychological moment, and she became well known very quickly.
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The most effective forms of work in the provision of public services for psychological support are trainings that are conducted by experienced psychologists from the educational and methodical center "Aspect".
I pulled out the one we used in our Psychological Testing subject under Fr.
We condemn the unethical practice of using confidential psychological information for purposes of discrediting or damaging a person's character," the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) said in a statement.
Job burnout is a psychological syndrome involving chronic strain due to a misfit between the worker and the job, which can lead to physical and psychological problems (e.
For mental health practitioners, first responders, and global health disaster teams, this guide outlines the principles and practice of psychological first aid (PFA) to mitigate the effects of acute psychological distress and trauma and help those in crisis and emergencies like disasters, workplace violence, and terrorist attacks cope.
This study was conducted to examine the relationship between parental psychological control and perceived stress level in national sports.
In 1964, Gerald Caplan, an American psychologist and the father of modern crisis intervention, proposed the concept of psychological crisis: he stated that when a person encounters a sudden or major life dilemma, previous crisis-handling patterns and support systems may be ineffective for coping with the present situation.
Objectives: The present study aims to examine the mental health status with specific focus on the dimensions of psychological distress and psychological well-being in spouses of patients with psychiatric disorders and compare with the normal control group by using Mental Health Inventory.
HAFAL'S members, many of whom have direct experience of mental illness, have long been concerned that there is an imbalance in mental health services which do not give sufficient weight to psychological therapies.
Objective: To study the relationship between psychological well-being and quality of life among employees and to see group differences on study variables between physically disabled and normal employees.
In order to retain them, it is important to evaluate and analyze the exchange relationship of the employees and the organization, known as psychological contract.
Computer psychological assessment is an important way of modern psychological test information.
The current research was conducted to investigate the relationship between depression, anxiety, psychological distress and quality of life of menopausal women.
ISLAMABAD -- People have become burdened with economic problems and even children have become status conscious due to which psychological problems are continuously increasing in society.
The current study was designed to explore the potential relationship of psychological well-being with age and gender.
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