psyched up

psyched up (for something)

Inf. excited and enthusiastic. I can play a great tennis game if I'm psyched up. She is really psyched up for the game.
See also: psyche, up

psyched (up)

mod. completely mentally ready (for something). I’m really psyched for this test.
See also: psyche, up
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Psyched up from Paul's pep talk, Les tells Babe they will go to the police, even if it means the truth about Christine coming out.
to the Neuroscience Education Institute's (NEI) inaugural newsletter, Psychopharmacology Education Update, or PsychEd Up.
In fact, we address this controversy in this first issue of PsychEd Up.
In future issues of PsychEd Up, we will explore other controversial topics, such as the concern over atypical antipsychotics and weight gain and ACCME regulations of who can teach therapeutics in CME courses.
Each issue of PsychEd Up will discuss these important topics in feature articles written by NEI staff, key opinion leaders, and me:
Through these features and more, we hope that PsychEd Up will offer you a unique perspective of current developments and controversies in the field of psychopharmacology.