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If [mu] be a fuzzy pseudo q-ideal, putting z = y in (I1) and b = c in (I2), we have,
We exceeded our expectations in Philadelphia, put technology together in a way that has never been done before and allowed viewers to take 'control' of the sights and sounds of the convention with numerous 360-degree cameras," said David Bohrman, Pseudo CEO.
Pseudo will put Web audiences directly in touch with a controversial gauntlet of political figures, analysts and celebrities each night of the convention.
In addition, Pseudo will encourage audiences to directly participate in the coverage by asking questions and contributing comments along with ongoing commentary by Pseudo's political unit and co-production partners including Salon.
Our aim is to puncture conventional wisdom and inject fun, intelligence and voter participation back into politics," said David Bohrman, CEO of Pseudo Programs, Inc.
Established in 1994 by Joshua Harris, founder of Jupiter Communications, New York City-based Pseudo Programs, Inc.
Desfosses and Pseudo have also agreed to investigate launching Pseudo-branded properties in Europe to capitalize on the 21.
Pseudotainment is a good indication of how we are defining the Pseudo experience and a hint of things to come.
As more and more people around the world turn to the Internet for entertainment, Pseudo will continue to apply the Pseudo experience wherever there is a passionate audience," said Pseudo CEO, David Bohrman.
However, in the case of the pseudo Smarandache related triangles, the proof is a little bit more complicated.
In this paper we use the theory of semigroup of bounded linear operators in a complex Banach space to establish the existence and uniqueness of a pseudo almost periodic mild solution of a retarded functional differential equation.
Sometimes the department will assign a pseudo number when a borrower uses one that belongs to someone already in its database.
Pseudo random signal processing; theory and application.
When pseudo punk bands get on MTV and make millions of dollars, I can see how kids' ideas of what punk is changes: it's no longer a "movement" or even a "community," but a commodified "look" and "sound.