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Paul Pry

A nosy, meddlesome person. The phrase refers to the title character of a 19th-century play by John Poole. Come on, Paul Pry, stop asking so many questions about my personal life!
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pry around

to sneak or prowl around looking for something. Why are you prying around? Mind your own business! Please don't pry around. You might find out something you don't want to know.
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pry into something

to snoop into something; to get into someone else's business. Why are you prying into my affairs all the time? I wish you wouldn't pry into my personal life.
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pry something from someone

 and pry something out of someone
to work information out of someone; to force someone to reveal information. I couldn't even pry her name from her. The police tried to pry the name of the killer out of Max.
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pry something from something

 and pry something out (of something)
to remove something from something with or as if with a lever. See if you can pry this wedge from its slot. I pried the rotted board out of the side of the house.
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pry something off (of) something

 and pry something off
to use a lever to get something off something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Tom pried the top off the jelly jar. He pried off the jar top.
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pry something out

(of something) Go to pry something from something.
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pry something up

to raise something with or as with a lever. See if you can pry that trapdoor up. Pry up that lid.
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pry out

1. To extract something with or as if with a lever: I pried out the staples from the thick report. They pried the microphone out of my hands to stop me from singing.
2. To obtain something from someone with effort or difficulty: The detectives finally pried a confession out of the suspect. They kept questioning me until they had pried out all the information.
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Detach the clips along the left and right sides of the iPhone, as you keep prying open the sides of the front panel assembly.
But a smaller number - 38 per cent, spent a total equalling a whole day each month prying online.
For example, PP is prying open non-traditional applications such as large-part thermoforming and extrusion blow molding of large water bottles and handleware for detergent and bleach bottles (see photo).
It has an exaggerated clamshell design, permitting the door to fold over the body to prevent prying.
This data supports the proposition that the only prying that needs to be done is prying the truth out of both of these companies," Turner said.
Patrick McCormick finds that prying into the privacy of others uncovers less about them and more about us.
This portrait of Wells Coates by his daughter, Laura, is truthful without being prying and affectionate without showing the slightest hint of adulation.
Instead of prying eyes, desperate poverty, and violent alcoholic parents, we seem to be staring at a dreary Midwestern motel court.
Several programs block these sites from prying eyes.
If you're using Windows 95 and relying on your password to keep prying eyes away - guess again.
Undercut the bottom, then sever any remaining roots by prying up the entire rootball.
SALT LAKE CITY -- silex technology america's SecurePrint received high marks from PC Magazine for its straightforward ability to keep sensitive documents concealed from prying eyes.
A newly discovered security loophole found in several e-mail programs is revealing e-mail messages to prying eyes.
Based on drafts of the rules that began circulating around Washington on Tuesday, industry analysts said the FCC would be aggressive in prying open local telephone markets - a strategy that at least initially favors long-distance carriers over local providers.
Realizing the cost of security breach, Spohn's information security professionals designed NetAUDIT, a five-step security assurance methodology to provide customized, end-to-end network security solutions to prevent financial losses and network interruption stemming from network security breaches and competitor's prying eyes.