pry into

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pry into (something)

1. To force entry into something using a lever of some kind. I pried into the crate to see what they were hiding inside. We'll never be able to pry into the safe—we'll need to drill through the lock!
2. To inquire closely and impertinently into something, especially that which is private, secret, or restricted. I wish you would stop prying into my business affairs. It's become very profitable for companies to advertise directly to people online by prying into their browsing habits.
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pry into something

to snoop into something; to get into someone else's business. Why are you prying into my affairs all the time? I wish you wouldn't pry into my personal life.
See also: pry
References in classic literature ?
A good wife should know better than to pry into affairs of her husband's with which she had no concern.
Even then, do we really care so much about the Royals that we have to probe and pry into the minute details of their private lives?
Toister conceded she did not pry into the backgrounds of Perez and Durden but declined to explain why.
Forty years ago German moral theologian Bernard Haring wrote that "reverence and love forbid us to pry into the intimate life of our neighbor, or to divulge secrets revealed to us.
And the more scandalous and heavy-handed 199495 CIA effort in France, where undercover CIA operatives bungled an attempt to pry into French industrial and trade secrets (and were caught) is dismissed by Fialka.