prune away

prune something away

to cut away something unwanted or unneeded. Please prune the lower branches of the trees away. They are starting to annoy pedestrians. We pruned away the dead branches.
See also: away, prune
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After the test, the knowledge is not used on a daily basis and the dendrites begin to prune away the excess receptors for a signal that stopped firing.
The way of obedience is narrow in order to prune away non-essentials, making way for the benefits of God's wider places.
A: As a general guide for pruning hardwoods, select one main trunk and prune away secondary stems.
It can throw up some surprising needs or prune away some things which you think are important, but really aren't, and this process will gain more traction from now.
Remove the plant from its container and prune away 1/3 of its roots, cutting from the outside of the root ball towards the center.
Rather than wish that the divine vinegrower might prune away this one or that one who, in our estimation, is no more than a nuisance or dead weight, we might do well to heed the wise counsel of one of our.
Whether we abstain from meat, gossip, or frivolous spending during Lent, the intent is to weed out and prune away anything that chokes off our view of the holy.
The scourges of pestilence, famine, wars, and earthquakes have come to be regarded a blessing to overcrowded nations, since they serve to prune away the luxuriant growth of the human race.
These methods then prune away neural responses presumed to be extraneous to the tasks and finally highlight discrete brain regions that exhibited dramatic surges of activity.
They readily grow new roots, so prune away any damaged ones and plant carefully, working soil between the roots.
First prune away thicker branches from the top, leaving one leader.
That's pretty much the way you make an espalier (a tree or shrub trained flat): prune away everything that doesn't grow in the plane you've selected.
Brookfield Zoo - At this location, one group of Nicor volunteers will help prune away unwanted vegetation, while the other Nicor crew constructs behavior enrichment objects for the animals, out of paper mache.
As the season develops, it may be advisable to simply prune away this superfluous growth.
A: The best time to prune your fruit trees is in the fall, and you will get better fruiting results if you prune away smaller twigs back to a main branch.