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provoke (one) into (doing something)

To incite, stir, or induce one into taking some action. You shouldn't have let the boss provoke you into quitting—now you won't be entitled to any severance pay! They provoked me into retaliating, which gave them the justification they needed to arrest me.
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provoke (one) to

1. To incite, stir, or induce one to take some action. You shouldn't have let the boss provoke you to quit—now you won't be entitled to any severance pay! They provoked me to retaliate, which gave them the justification they needed to arrest me.
2. To incite, stir, or induce one to some hostile or incensed emotional state or response. Her words at the funeral provoked me to anger. Do not provoke the lord of the manor to wrath.
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Dickens's sleepers, like Picasso's, are often sublimely and provokingly indifferent to the obsessive attentions of their waking counterparts.
Each group provokingly chanted praise of their respective leaders, mainly mentioning Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri and head of the Reform and Change Bloc Michel Aoun, AN NAHAR said.
While Katrina Van Tassel, a natural coquette, dons "the tempting stomacher of the olden time; and withal a provokingly short petticoat, to display the prettiest foot and ankle in the country around" (278), Eula Varner's brother Jody forces her to wear corsets to rein in her overly voluptuous body.
Hence, in a way, her innocence was provokingly original.
In his mind, Pascual became thoroughly convinced of Matias' trick, and when he passed him on Mercedes and Piedad two months later, Pascual provokingly ignored the short little steps, the impeccable top hat, and the legitimate Havana cigar, particularities that he knew as well as his own tics, his own uninteresting and methodical vices.
How do you think the American people would react?Do you think the US would send naval vessels out to provokingly sail close to Iranian ships?
"El evangelio segun Marcos" dramatizes a transcultural and translational encounter, an encounter that Molloy considers a "provokingly heterogeneous Latin American cultural scene" (12).
These movements were by definition against the status quo, and this meant that in Europe they were directed against the Russian, Austro-Hungarian, and Ottoman empires, and against British and French governments whenever these showed alarm at the consequences of revolution--or more provokingly still, extended their own empires in Africa or Asia.
In an early draft of the novel, Nick Carraway makes an interesting observation about Gatsby: "He was provokingly elusive and what he was intrinsically 'like' I'm powerless to say." (1) Nick's crisis of linguistic disempowerment here accompanies the "provokingly elusive" nature of his subject; the problem of Gatsby's "intrinsic likeness" bears wholly on the project of signification.
Despite Roh's direct criticism of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi for paying homage to war criminals, Koizumi is provokingly calm, requesting cool-headed approaches from both sides.
When 'journalists' provokingly state inaccuracies it makes the whole of the rugby set-up in Wales look like a joke.
She turned to me seriously and calmly called my bluff As she said provokingly, "Well go ahead and do it." I was quite speechless ( I couldn't and she knew it I put my angry face on ( attempted a feeble growl I think I turned more red than green, My growl was more a howl We ended up laughing ( mood of irritation broken She hugged me; called me funny; No reprimand was spoken Now I don't make empty promises or intentionally tell a lie It's no use making idle threats ( if I can't comply.
Tolerance of the provokingly paradoxical cry that "the margin is the center!" like the indifference which it resembles, would be fatal.) This mechanism underlies or supports a very wide range of behaviors and sentiments related to the spectacle of suffering or endured injustice, including those comforts and feelings of righteousness that often, and in only apparent perversity, accompany human victimhood.
On the other hand, strong and autonomous cultural institutions may be necessary--also in a utopian society--to safeguard the possibility of thinking differently and provokingly and to stimulate intellectual innovations and social creativity.