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provide (one) with (something)

To give or supply one with something for their use or benefit. The company is one of the few that provides its employees with paid paternity leave. I provided you with plenty of chances to prove your abilities, but you keep letting me down.
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provide (something) for (someone or something)

To give or supply something for the benefit or use of someone or something else. The company is one of the few that provides paid paternity leave for its employees. The city center doesn't provide nearly enough parking spaces for the amount of cars that travel in each day, so finding a free spot can be a nightmare.
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provide (something) under (something else)

To supply, make available, or prepare something as required or agreed upon in some thing, such as a contract or ruling. We agree to provide our services pro bono for six months under the terms of the court order. You're supposed to provide paid sick leave under the new federal regulation.
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provide against (something)

To implement measures that prepare for, deal with, or prevent something that will or may happen in the future. I know you don't want to pay the extra costs, but having a life insurance policy is the only way to provide against financial troubles for your family should you die. We've included a clause that provides against the consumer using the product for illegitimate purposes.
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provide for (someone or something)

1. To supply or provide payment for the basic needs of someone or something. The hardest part of being unemployed was knowing that I couldn't provide for my family. The local council has promised to provide for low-income families in its upcoming budget.
2. To prepare for, deal with, or prevent something that will or may happen in the future. The more expensive insurance policy also provides for damage from natural disasters.
3. To supply as a stipulation (of a contract or agreement). You're lucky you're even given six weeks of maternity leave—many companies don't provide for any amount of time.
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take the goods the gods provide

Good fortune or advantageous circumstances should be utilized and enjoyed. I don't know why you're so hung up on the fact that you had access to better education as a kid—take the goods the gods provide!
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provide against something

to plan against something happening. Have you provided against the possible collapse of the agreement? We have not provided against financial disaster.
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provide for someone or something

to supply the needs of someone or something. Don't worry, we will provide for you. We will provide for the committee in the budget.
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provide someone with something

to supply something to someone. I will provide you with an escort to your car. Jane provided herself with just enough food to get through the weekend.
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provide something for someone or something

to supply something for someone or something. I will provide salad for the guests. Ted provided food for his dog.
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provide something under something

to supply something in keeping with a contract, rule, guideline, agreement, etc. We have agreed to provide two tons of coal per month under our contract. Do you want more? We will agree to provide ample insurance for our employees under union guidelines.
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Take the goods the gods provide.

Prov. If you have good fortune, enjoy it and use it to your advantage. Frances: I feel I have an unfair advantage over other people in the violin contest. After all, my parents were able to give me lessons with the very best teachers when I was young. Alan: Frances, take the goods the gods provide.
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provide against

To take measures to deal with or prevent some unforeseen occurrence: Our homeowner's insurance provides against damage from flooding.
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provide for

1. To supply someone or something with basic necessities, as food, shelter, and clothing: How long do you have to work every week to provide for such a large family?
2. To take measures in preparation for something: Our forecast provides for a 6 percent decrease in sales next year.
3. To set something down as a stipulation: Their employment contract provides for two weeks of vacation every year.
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