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fend and prove

dated To argue and defend a point or opinion. I was forced to fend and prove my stance before the tribunal.
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be the exception that proves the rule

To contradict a rule and thus confirm that the rule exists. Primarily heard in Australia. A: "We're always told to get eight hours of sleep, but I usually feel really groggy when I sleep that much." B: "Well, I guess you're the exception that proves the rule."
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have something to prove

To need to display and confirm one's abilities to others who are doubtful. His parents expect his art career to fail, so he definitely has something to prove with this art show.
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prove (one's) mettle

To prove that one has endurance and strength of character, or the necessary skills, abilities, or traits to succeed in something. You may be the youngest lawyer in the firm, but you certainly proved your mettle in that high-profile murder case. The new CEO proved her mettle when she joined the company in 2012 and completely restructured their dying mobile phone division into the powerhouse it is today.
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prove out

1. To show the validity of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "prove" and "out." If you can prove out these allegations, that company will soon be faced with a scandal.
2. To succeed. A noun or pronoun can be used between "prove" and "out." My hypothesis still has not proved out, and I can't determine why.
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The exception proves the rule.

Prov. Something that does not follow a rule shows that the rule exists. (Often used facetiously, to justify some rule you have proposed but which someone else has listed exceptions. From a Latin phrase meaning that an exception tests a rule.) Ellen: Men are always rude. Jane: But Alan's always polite. And Larry and Ted are polite, too. Ellen: They're just the exceptions that prove the rule. Bill: All the shows on TV are aimed at people with low intelligence. Alan: What about that news program you like to watch? Bill: The exception proves the rule.
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prove oneself as something

to demonstrate that one can serve in a certain office or capacity. It's time to promote her. She has proved herself as a teller. I proved myself as an investor by making a lot of money in the stock market.
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prove something to someone

to substantiate a claim about something to someone; to make someone believe or accept a statement about something. What do I have to do to prove my innocence to you? Nothing you say will prove it to me.
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prove to be something

to be shown to be someone or something; to be found to be someone or something. Susan proved to be a good friend when she lent me some money. The food proved to be spoiled when I smelled it.
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What does that prove?

Fig. So what?; that does not mean anything. (A defensive expression. The heaviest stress is on that. Often with so, as in the examples.) Tom: It seems that you were in the apartment the same night that it was robbed. Bob: So, what does that prove? Tom: Nothing, really. It's just something we need to keep in mind. Rachel: You're late again on your car payment. Jane: What does that prove? Rachel: Simply that you can't afford the car and we are going to repossess it.
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exception proves the rule, the

An instance that does not obey a rule shows that the rule exists. For example, John's much shorter than average but excels at basketball-the exception proves the rule . This seemingly paradoxical phrase is the converse of the older idea that every rule has an exception. [Mid-1600s]
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prove out

Succeed, turn out well, as in Farm-raised trout has proved out so well that the fish industry plans to experiment with other species . [Mid-1900s]
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the exception that proves the rule

You say that something is the exception that proves the rule to mean that the example that you have just mentioned is not normal and is the opposite of what you usually find. Towers should generally be arranged in clusters, but the Post Office Tower was the exception that proved the rule — it needs to stand alone so that its signals are not interrupted. The most creative minds are often said to be the product of a problematic childhood, but Hornby must be the exception that proves the rule. Note: `Prove' here means `to test by experiment or analysis' rather than `to establish as true'. So, the meaning is that an exception tests a rule, not that it establishes the rule as true in all other situations.
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Year end 2014 Proved plus Probable (2P) reserves total $13.
However, in work that astonished the mathematicians of his day, the Russian-born Georg Cantor proved in 1873 that the real numbers (all the numbers that make up the number line) form a bigger infinity than the counting numbers do.
During the prove, the volume of both the calibrated master meter and the field meter being proved can be measured precisely during the prove cycle, using pulse interpolation as described in API Chapter 4, Section 6 Pulse Interpolation.
Of course, Galileo proved no such thing, although he certainly tried.
Abraxas' independent reservoir engineering firm, DeGolyer and MacNaughton, estimated total proved oil and natural gas reserves of 99 Bcfe as of December 31, 2006, a 6% decrease from December 31, 2005.
Amazingly, more than a hundred years ago, mathematicians proved that every closed surface in space is simply some version of a sphere, a doughnut surface--which they call a torus--or a torus with extra holes.
19] In this case, there was no reliable evidence that proved Stanley was involved in the illegal attempt to distribute the cocaine.
The estimated value of these Proved Reserves is $2,592,848 USD (after deducting royalties, severance taxes and operating expenses).
NASDAQ:GMET) today announced 2006 year end proved reserves; preliminary 2006 gas sales volumes; estimated 2007 gas sales volumes; current capital spending plans for 2007; and the engagement of a financial advisor to evaluate and advise as to strategic alternatives.
No one has yet proved the conjecture, but a researcher in Germany has now verified that all even numbers up to 4 x [10.
While TPIs proved valuable in the successful resolution of the Freemen siege, crisis managers and negotiators should understand that using TPIs in all hostage or barricade situations remains uncertain and should not be considered a panacea for these types of incidents.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Parallel Petroleum Corporation (NASDAQ Small Cap: PLLL) announced today that during 1993 the total volume of its proved oil and gas reserves increased by 16%, expressed in equivalent barrels of oil (EBOs), with natural gas converted to oil on the basis of 6 Mcf per barrel.
The successful launch of Activia in the United States proved to us that Americans are looking for healthier food choices with clinically proven, peer-reviewed functional benefits without sacrificing great taste," said Juan Carlos Dalto, CEO, The Dannon Company.
More than 2,000 years ago, Euclid of Alexandria proved that there is an infinite number of primes among whole numbers.
Encore's internal engineers have estimated that the properties have total proved reserves of approximately 20 million barrels of oil equivalent ("BOE"), which are 97% oil and 90% proved developed producing.