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Mary "fee and John Chinn, two 1970 attendees, observed "'what seems to us Americans to be an over-abundance of propaganda" on the program, attributing it to "the nationalism of the people and the proudness [sic] they feel as members of the Republic of China.
Board of Education, songs, poems, stories and brilliant illustrations aim to educate youngsters about a few of the significant people and moments that display the proudness and determination that is characteristics of the black experience in America.
For the first three years after that I used to cringe every time I saw it, but now when I look at that I have a feeling of proudness because you kinda were that crap at one stage, and with enough determination and hard work and luck look at what you can achieve.
31 (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al- Bashir, has asserted the proudness of all the Sudanese people over the independence that was achieved by a national independent will, renewing the commitment to seriously and sincerely work for the building of the homeland, preserve the dignity of its people, and protect the identity of the nation that sticking to the geniuine values and the noble principles.
His Majesty praised BTV programmes which reflected the depth of the Bahraini people's delight and proudness on this occasion.
The feeling of proudness in Shahnameh is reluted to nonmaterial victories as well as material victories and because of this it has been meaning ful and alive even in our period (Ibid, 175).
You are a very special man, the one that we call Dad, your stubbornness and proudness drove us mad.