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(as) proud as a peacock

Proud to the point of arrogance, vanity, or boastfulness. Tom's been as proud as a peacock ever since he found out he came in top of the class—he hasn't missed a single opportunity to remind us. He looks like a total douchebag, strutting around the club proud as a peacock in his cheap suit and gold chains.
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do (one or oneself) proud

1. To do something well and cause one or oneself to feel pride as a result. You really directed a fantastic play, Janet—you've done yourself proud! I know that math is a tough subject for you, so you really did me proud by getting an A- this semester.
2. To be very kind, magnanimous, or conscientious when hosting one. Oh, I had a wonderful stay at Anna's house—she was a very attentive host and really did me proud.
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proud below the navel

obsolete Having an erect penis. Primarily heard in UK. A: "I think that Sir Edgar grows proud below the navel every time he sees you, dear sister." B: "Oh, hush! Someone from the garden might hear us!"
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do oneself proud

to have done a very fine job. That's super! You've done yourself proud! I feel like I've done myself proud by earning high honors.
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do someone proud

to make someone proud. Bill's kids sure did him proud at the boat race. Mary resolved she would do her friends proud.
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*proud as a peacock

 and *vain as a peacock
overly proud; vain. (*Also: as ~.) Mike's been strutting around proud as a peacock since he won that award. I sometimes think Elizabeth must spend all day admiring herself in a mirror. She's as vain as a peacock.
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do someone proud

1. Also, do credit to someone. Be a source of honor, distinction, or pride. For example, She did us proud, handling the problem with such aplomb, or Your new title does you credit. [Early 1800s]
2. Treat someone or oneself generously or extravagantly, as in You really did us proud with that banquet. [Early 1800s]
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proud as a peacock

Having a very high opinion of oneself, filled with or showing excessive self-esteem. For example, She strutted about in her new outfit, proud as a peacock. This simile alludes to the male peacock, with its colorful tail that can be expanded like a fan, which has long symbolized vanity and pride. Chaucer used it in The Reeve's Tail: "As any peacock he was proud and gay." [1200s]
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do someone proud

1 act in a way that gives someone cause to feel pleased or satisfied. 2 treat someone with lavish generosity or honour. informal
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do somebody ˈproud

(old-fashioned, British English) look after a guest very well, especially by giving them good food, entertainment, etc: We spent the holidays with them and they really did us proud.
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do yourself/somebody ˈproud

do something that makes you proud of yourself or that makes other people proud of you: The team did us proud by winning 3-0 on Saturday.
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do (one) proud

To act or perform in a way that gives cause for pride.
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do someone proud, to

To make much of, to extend lavish hospitality. This turn of phrase dates from the nineteenth century. “You’ve done yourselves proud,” wrote Mark Twain in Innocents at Home (1872).
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proud as a peacock

Having an exceedingly high opinion of oneself—one’s dignity or one’s importance. The comparison to a peacock, believed to allude to its strutting gait, dates from the thirteenth century. Chaucer used the simile several times, and it has often been repeated. “The self-applauding bird the peacock” is how William Cowper described it (Truth, 1781).
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