protrude from

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protrude from (someone or something)

To jut, push, extend, or thrust out of someone or something. He walked away from the accident, a metal rod protruding from him. The extension they've built protrudes very awkwardly from the rest of the house.
See also: protrude

protrude from someone or something

to stick out from someone or something. Even in the dark, I knew he was hurt because I could see the knife protruding from him. A knife protruded from the victim's back.
See also: protrude
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These proteins are necessary for the proper functioning of organelles called cilia that protrude from kidney cells.
thick depending on requirements and on how far the fibers protrude from the part surface.
Much work remains to be done on the building--electric cables and water pipes still protrude from ceilings waiting to be covered up, bathroom fixtures have yet to be installed, staircases await their banisters, and the elevators are not yet operational.
Several signs protrude from the ice bearing the epitaph: "Pompano (Florida)," "Fagri (Greece), "Royal Dorado (Greece)," "Sargos (Greece)," and so on.
When built-up drips of paint protrude from the surface of the canvas like "stalagmites," as the artist politely calls them, we know that the painterly eruption from the unconscious depths has become self-consciously comic, though not in an insidious way.
5) Rusted parts of the USS Arizona protrude from the waters of Pearl Harbor next to the memorial dedicated to those who died during the Japanese attack on Dec.
The four flipper-like fins that protrude from the coelacanth's bony torso are the stunted beginnings of legs.
4 millimeter, these fossils bear ornaments like spikes and flanges that protrude from their spherical surface.
High concentrations of glucose in the blood react with structural proteins--primarily collagen -- throughout the body, resulting in the formation of clumps that protrude from the protein.