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protrude from (someone or something)

To jut, push, extend, or thrust out of someone or something. He walked away from the accident, a metal rod protruding from him. The extension they've built protrudes very awkwardly from the rest of the house.
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protrude from someone or something

to stick out from someone or something. Even in the dark, I knew he was hurt because I could see the knife protruding from him. A knife protruded from the victim's back.
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5 Drive the included machine screw into the toggle, letting it protrude about 3/16 in.
As the rabbits become older, it is much easier to tell the sex -- the doe's organ is a more pronounced slit and the bucks organ will protrude plainly when gently pressed.
What you should do is bleed condensation from the radar by squeezing the two drain plugs that protrude on the underside of the dome to release condensation.
In particular, the bony flanges that protrude upward from the vertebrae--structures called neural arches--were tilted at different angles in four different regions.
It is a kind of Deconstructivist reaction to the narrow urban fabric of the surrounding quarter; boxes protrude and recess, opening up unexpected vistas.
Meningoencephalocele is an uncommon condition in which brain tissue, meninges, or both protrude through a defect in the anterior cranialfossa and into the ethmoid sinus or nasal cavity.
Norwegian Wood (all works 2000), a wall piece, consists of four black plastic compact-disc racks stacked in two columns and crammed with foam tubes--some white, some beige, some gray--from many of which protrude lengths of cord.
The four flipper-like fins that protrude from the coelacanth's bony torso are the stunted beginnings of legs.
With the lift tower formally expressed, conforming to a building-line established by the neighbouring buildings, the skewed and radial elevations protrude to become more prominent when seen in oblique.
When built-up drips of paint protrude from the surface of the canvas like "stalagmites," as the artist politely calls them, we know that the painterly eruption from the unconscious depths has become self-consciously comic, though not in an insidious way.
It doesn't matter how many threads protrude outside the lug if the clamping force cannot be met or the lug will not hold the torque.
The lushly brushed faces of Point (all works 1993) and Call measure approximately four-by-four feet and four-by-eight feet respectively and protrude more than two feet from the gallery wall.