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protrude from someone or something

to stick out from someone or something. Even in the dark, I knew he was hurt because I could see the knife protruding from him. A knife protruded from the victim's back.
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But sometimes the lower jaw can protrude further than the upper one and this is described as "undershot".
There is a small operation to make the nipple protrude.
Mawarni was born with a birth defect called an encephalocele--basically, a hole in her skull that allowed brain membranes to protrude and form a large bulge above her nose.
Much work remains to be done on the building--electric cables and water pipes still protrude from ceilings waiting to be covered up, bathroom fixtures have yet to be installed, staircases await their banisters, and the elevators are not yet operational.
The bony lamellae may protrude into the mucosa, which is the characteristic appearance on bronchoscopy.
He was given medication to quell the pain, but the disc didn't continued to protrude.
Human females are the only primates that have breasts which protrude even when they're not pregnant or breastfeeding.
Several signs protrude from the ice bearing the epitaph: "Pompano (Florida)," "Fagri (Greece), "Royal Dorado (Greece)," "Sargos (Greece)," and so on.
In the buck the organ will be somewhat round and will usually protrude more than the female (but some female organs protrude so this should not be taken as an indication of sex); the female sexual organ will form a slit, and may or may not protrude.
The edges of the fabric should protrude halfway into the core frame while a pin is employed to hold the fabric in place during closing of the box.
The heel when the dancer is on pointe should not protrude, look wrinkled, sharp (because the shank is too long), loose, or require elastic loops or wraparounds to stay on.
According to the Complaint, during the Class Period, defendants told investors that two of the Company's defibrillator leads, the Riata and Riata ST electrical wire, had been observed to wear through the silicone casing meant to contain them and protrude into the body.
What you should do is bleed condensation from the radar by squeezing the two drain plugs that protrude on the underside of the dome to release condensation.
In particular, the bony flanges that protrude upward from the vertebrae--structures called neural arches--were tilted at different angles in four different regions.
It is a kind of Deconstructivist reaction to the narrow urban fabric of the surrounding quarter; boxes protrude and recess, opening up unexpected vistas.