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protest too much

To deny something so often and/or so forcefully that people think one is not telling the truth. Taken from a line in Shakespeare's Hamlet: "Methinks the lady doth protest too much" (and often used in that structure). At even the slightest suggestion that there might be some impropriety in the company's accounts, the manager flies into a rage. He protests a bit too much, don't you think? Shiela mentions at every opportunity how she loves her husband and didn't marry him for his money—methinks she doth protest too much.
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under protest

Expressly against one's objections or disagreement. He signed the documents under protest, aware that he had no real agency in the matter.
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protest about (someone or something)

1. To complain about, object to, or vocally disapprove of someone or something. The kids wouldn't stop protesting about going on a camping trip instead of going to Disney Land. I heard that someone has been protesting about me to upper management.
2. To join or participate in a public demonstration or rally in opposition to someone or something. Nearly 40,000 marchers descended on the capitol building protesting about the government's new law. A large group of students are protesting about the new university president.
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ripple of protest

1. A low murmur or series of murmurs complaining about or protesting against something. There was a ripple of protest or two among the staff when we announced the cutbacks, but pretty much everyone recognized that the company would go under without them. News of the school's decision sent ripples of protest through the crowded auditorium
2. A small, understated, or ineffective action or series of actions in protest of something. There have been a few ripples of protest in the streets following the passing of the controversial legislation, but they were quickly quelled by police.
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protest about someone or something

 and protest against someone or something 
1. to complain about someone or something. Valerie is always protesting about some problem at work. She filed a complaint that protested against her supervisor.
2. to rally or demonstrate against someone or something. A number of people protested about the war. They were mainly protesting against the draft.
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ripple of protest

quiet remarks protesting something; a small amount of subdued protest. There was only a ripple of protest about the new tax law. The rude comedian hardly drew a ripple of protest.
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under protest

after expressing your objection or reluctance; unwillingly.
1997 Independent Jon Benet would come to the Griffin house for her lessons on deportment, disappearing into the basement—sometimes under protest—to practise Dior turns.
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under ˈprotest

unwillingly and after expressing disagreement: The new contract was finally accepted, but only under protest.
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The teachers were protesting against the Sindh government and are demanding that their positions permanent be made permanent.
This essay highlights movement diversity by examining the ways that protesting informed and was informed by religious belief.
Drury relates protesting to events unrelated to activism, such as a New Year's Eve gathering where collective action empowers the participants.
Many condominium owners miss out on obtaining substantial reductions in their property tax assessments because they falsely assume protesting their assessments before the New York City Tax Commission will be costly and time-consuming.
While talking to newsmen, the protesting man said that his brother namely Murad Jamali was killed by the armed men including Soomar, Allah Dino and others in 2009 in Shahdadkot but the police have still not arrested his murderers.
LANDI KOTAL/GHALANAI -- The protesting khasadars on Tuesday ended their nearly three-week sit-in after holding successful negotiations with a team of provincial government, however, Levies and Khasadar personnel in Mohmand tribal district continued their protest.
The protesting doctors demanded replacement of Health Secretary, leaving the patients to suffer and their relatives fuming.
The latest figure indicates a similar pace of protesting compared to the latest quarter of 2015, during which there were 730 protests with an average of 244 protests per month.
Subsequently, supporting protests and clashes took place across Turkey protesting plenty of other concerns.
The protesting employees repeatedly chanted passionate slogans against PR authorities and the government; they torched tires and blocked a road near the DS office.
As Israeli tanks moved closer toward the center of Gaza City Monday, and the death toll rose beyond 900 lives, many of them women and children, The Daily Star went to the Beirut neighborhoods of Achrafieh and Mazraa for a local perspective on whether protesting against the Israeli war in Gaza would be effective in ending hostilities.
The demonstrations have continued, protesting against government plans to limit freedom of expression and association.
Two weeks after the Kent State shootings, Mississippi police killed two protesting students at Jackson State University.
But even one of the organizers of that protest, longtime activist Leslie Cagan, points out the irony in the protesters' harmonious relationship with the very police force whose homicidal behavior they were protesting.