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protest too much

To deny something so often and/or so forcefully that people think one is not telling the truth. Taken from a line in Shakespeare's Macbeth: "Methinks the lady doth protest too much" (and often used in that structure). At even the slightest suggestion that there might be some impropriety in the company's accounts, the manager flies into a rage. He protests a bit too much, don't you think? Shiela mentions at every opportunity how she loves her husband and didn't marry him for his money—methinks she doth protest too much?
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protest about someone or something

 and protest against someone or something 
1. to complain about someone or something. Valerie is always protesting about some problem at work. She filed a complaint that protested against her supervisor.
2. to rally or demonstrate against someone or something. A number of people protested about the war. They were mainly protesting against the draft.
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ripple of protest

quiet remarks protesting something; a small amount of subdued protest. There was only a ripple of protest about the new tax law. The rude comedian hardly drew a ripple of protest.
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under protest

after expressing your objection or reluctance; unwillingly.
1997 Independent Jon Benet would come to the Griffin house for her lessons on deportment, disappearing into the basement—sometimes under protest—to practise Dior turns.
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under ˈprotest

unwillingly and after expressing disagreement: The new contract was finally accepted, but only under protest.
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Each protest must specify the reasons the protesting party believes that the solicitation or award
As the young people say, protesting is "so yesterday.
Mike Van Winkle, spokesman for the California Anti-Terrorism Information Center, told the Oakland Tribune last year: "You can make an easy kind of link that, if you have a protest group protesting a war where the cause that's being fought against is international terrorism, you might have terrorism at that protest.
This essay highlights movement diversity by examining the ways that protesting informed and was informed by religious belief.
Respondents generally expressed pessimism, believing that protesting against the current war, both locally and abroad, would have little effect on international action to halt the violence that has cost so many Palestinian lives over the past few weeks.
The demonstrations have continued, protesting against government plans to limit freedom of expression and association.
We're going to keep on protesting until we stop the war,'' organizer Carlos Montes said.
Two weeks after the Kent State shootings, Mississippi police killed two protesting students at Jackson State University.
But even one of the organizers of that protest, longtime activist Leslie Cagan, points out the irony in the protesters' harmonious relationship with the very police force whose homicidal behavior they were protesting.
Protesters also called upon their established, "vertical" relationships with local authorities when protesting, which shaped the confrontations.
4, protesting the company's use of genetically engineered and chemically raised beef that is inhumanely treated during production.
Democracy Meter implied that this implies that the protesting factions are now diversified from just Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and sympathisers, to include doctors, workers, public servants, security sector, educational sector and others.
The scene was created when police resorted to tear gassing on the protesting teachers when they refused to end their protest following their negotiations with the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Quetta proved futile.
The happy surprise is that more mainstream American groups are getting involved in protesting the actions in Iraq.