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protest too much

To deny something so often and/or so forcefully that people think one is not telling the truth. Taken from a line in Shakespeare's Macbeth: "Methinks the lady doth protest too much" (and often used in that structure). At even the slightest suggestion that there might be some impropriety in the company's accounts, the manager flies into a rage. He protests a bit too much, don't you think? Shiela mentions at every opportunity how she loves her husband and didn't marry him for his money—methinks she doth protest too much.
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under protest

Expressly against one's objections or disagreement. He signed the documents under protest, aware that he had no real agency in the matter.
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protest about someone or something

 and protest against someone or something 
1. to complain about someone or something. Valerie is always protesting about some problem at work. She filed a complaint that protested against her supervisor.
2. to rally or demonstrate against someone or something. A number of people protested about the war. They were mainly protesting against the draft.
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ripple of protest

quiet remarks protesting something; a small amount of subdued protest. There was only a ripple of protest about the new tax law. The rude comedian hardly drew a ripple of protest.
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under protest

after expressing your objection or reluctance; unwillingly.
1997 Independent Jon Benet would come to the Griffin house for her lessons on deportment, disappearing into the basement—sometimes under protest—to practise Dior turns.
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under ˈprotest

unwillingly and after expressing disagreement: The new contract was finally accepted, but only under protest.
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All the visually impaired who are participating in the protest are friends with Fiaz who is leading the protest for his own sake.
The people are staging protests against imposition of taxes after allegedly being disregarded the constitutional rights to people of GB.
We strongly suggest that government officials exercise common sense and cooperate with the protest coalition in ensuring a proper venue and peaceful atmosphere on the national day of protest,' the group said.
The language would also require contractors over a certain size to pay GAO's costs if they lose; and incumbent contractors that protest to forfeit their profit from any resulting bridge contract, unless GAO sustains the protest or the procuring agency cancels the solicitation.
In what follows, I first clarify what I mean by social protest and conceptualize and define issue opportunity structure, the role of social media in protests, and violence.
Students at several campuses, including Cairo University, Helwan University, and others, organised protests against the decision amid restrictive administrative measures.
25 revolution, empty streets and the absence of people, protests or even official commemorations have been commentators' dominant themes.
The governorates of Kairouan and Sidi Bouzid have exceeded the threshold of 30 citizen protests or more than one protest by day.
I prefer dialogue more than protests because the political leaders control the protests, and if they want to find a solution they can do it through dialogue.
If the protesting party does not submit a bid or proposal the protest must be submitted prior to the
They threatened the authorities of intensifying the protest if their demands were not met.
This originated as a protest movement against the escalation of the war in Vietnam, by a group of Michigan faculty, mostly younger men.
The first chapter, entitled "Multiple Facets of Popular Discontent: A Sociological Sketch of the Piata Universitatii Protests in January 2012" ["Fatetele multiple ale nemultumirii populare: o schita sociologica a protestelor in Piata Universitatii din ianuarie 2012"], comprises a macro-structural approach to protest movements in question.
Ramallah: Topless feminist activists will hold protests at the community garden of the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem on December 24, but intend to delay announcing the aim of the protest until the protest occurs.
The book focuses on the social and organizational bases of the protest movement, the roles of media and public discourses in the protests' formation and mobilization, and the perceptions of the protest participants of both their own actions and the political environment.