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protest too much

To deny something so often and/or so forcefully that people think one is not telling the truth. Taken from a line in Shakespeare's Hamlet: "Methinks the lady doth protest too much" (and often used in that structure). At even the slightest suggestion that there might be some impropriety in the company's accounts, the manager flies into a rage. He protests a bit too much, don't you think? Shiela mentions at every opportunity how she loves her husband and didn't marry him for his money—methinks she doth protest too much.
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under protest

Expressly against one's objections or disagreement. He signed the documents under protest, aware that he had no real agency in the matter.
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protest about (someone or something)

1. To complain about, object to, or vocally disapprove of someone or something. The kids wouldn't stop protesting about going on a camping trip instead of going to Disney Land. I heard that someone has been protesting about me to upper management.
2. To join or participate in a public demonstration or rally in opposition to someone or something. Nearly 40,000 marchers descended on the capitol building protesting about the government's new law. A large group of students are protesting about the new university president.
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ripple of protest

1. A low murmur or series of murmurs complaining about or protesting against something. There was a ripple of protest or two among the staff when we announced the cutbacks, but pretty much everyone recognized that the company would go under without them. News of the school's decision sent ripples of protest through the crowded auditorium
2. A small, understated, or ineffective action or series of actions in protest of something. There have been a few ripples of protest in the streets following the passing of the controversial legislation, but they were quickly quelled by police.
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protest about someone or something

 and protest against someone or something 
1. to complain about someone or something. Valerie is always protesting about some problem at work. She filed a complaint that protested against her supervisor.
2. to rally or demonstrate against someone or something. A number of people protested about the war. They were mainly protesting against the draft.
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ripple of protest

quiet remarks protesting something; a small amount of subdued protest. There was only a ripple of protest about the new tax law. The rude comedian hardly drew a ripple of protest.
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under protest

after expressing your objection or reluctance; unwillingly.
1997 Independent Jon Benet would come to the Griffin house for her lessons on deportment, disappearing into the basement—sometimes under protest—to practise Dior turns.
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under ˈprotest

unwillingly and after expressing disagreement: The new contract was finally accepted, but only under protest.
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Social Welfare Department Deputy Director Mubashir Javed said the government had announced various jobs in different departments after the protest of the special persons.
Regarding the governorates with the highest number of protests in the third quarter of 2017, the report mentions the regions of Kairouan, Gafsa, Kasserine and Sidi Bouzid, with a rise in individual protests either through the media or hunger strikes.
On the other hand, the Central Traders Association (Anjuman-e-Tajran) has announced to continue their protest until their demands are met and a notification of rescinding taxes is issued.
Some of the teachers clearly argued that they would either die during the protest or take home the notification of their regularization.
In Peshawar, the Difa-e-Pakistan Council, an amalgamation of religious parties, is taking out a protest outside the Peshawar Press Club while the JI is protesting outside the Mahabat Khan Mosque and the IJT on Kohat Road.
The group, however, criticized NPDC authorities for 'trying to limit space' for its massive protest actions.
This protest has been scheduled at the occasion of 69 years of Indian ccupation when Maharaja Hari Singh in collaboration with Jawahar Lal Nehru and Lord Mountbatten fraudulently occupied the valley.
GAO's bid protest regulations have long barred protests that are legally or factually baseless.
The only large-sample study to systematically explore protest outcomes is Cai's (2010) book Collective Resistance in China: Why Protests Succeed or Fail.
The controversial Protest Law was issued under former interim president Adly Mansour in November 2013, as a deterrent measure to pro- Brotherhood demonstrations.
This included killing over 1,000 civilians on a single day at Rabaa and thereby committing the largest massacre in postcolonial Egyptian history, declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, issuing mass death sentences, and passing the new draconian protest law.
The governorates of Kairouan and Sidi Bouzid have exceeded the threshold of 30 citizen protests or more than one protest by day.
Protests are one of the ways for us to express our opinions.
This bid protest procedure applies to challenges to the awarding of bids or contracts by the
SRyNAGAR (CyHAN)- Police today foiled the protest march called by Public Health Engineering (PHE) employees in Srinagar.