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protect against (someone or something)

1. To guard, defend, or inoculate against someone or something. This vaccine protects against the flu for the entire winter. We need to invest in top-of-the-line security software to protect against cyber attacks. The walls of the encampment were fortified and lined with spears to protect against invaders.
2. To guard, defend, or inoculate someone, something, or oneself against someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "protect" and "against." I know you want to protect your kids against injury, but you can't keep them cut off from the real world either. Tourists are being advised to protect themselves against pickpockets in the city center.
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heaven protects children, sailors, and drunken men

A phrase used to explain how these vulnerable groups are able to avoid harm. Of course heaven protects children, sailors, and drunken men—how do you think Billy's managed to avoid hurting himself when he rides his bike so recklessly?
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Heaven protects children(, sailors,) and drunken men.

Prov. Children(, sailors,) and drunk(ard)s often escape being injured in dangerous situations. (Often used to express amazement that a child, sailor, or drunk person has escaped injury.) Jill: Did you hear? A little girl fell out of a second-floor window in our apartment building. Jane: Was she killed? Jill: She wasn't even hurt. Jane: Heaven protects children, sailors, and drunken men. Mike was so drunk he shouldn't even have been conscious, but he managed to drive home without hurting himself or anyone else; heaven protects children and drunkards.

protect someone or something against someone or something

 and protect someone or something from someone or something
to shield or preserve someone or something against someone or something. Please come along and protect us against muggers as we walk home. What will protect my car against thieves?
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Bananas: Protects your heart, Quiets a cough, Strengthens bones, Controls blood pressure, Blocks diarrhea.
However, liability may also ensue if the discrimination has a disparate impact on a protected class.
The deed did not limit the size of the homes (either in square footage to protect the amount of buildable land that each can cover, or in height to protect the view from any nearby historical area), or any other development that could have taken place on or adjacent to the property.
Further examination revealed that these flies had elevated DJ-1[alpha] expression--the loss of DJ-1[beta] somehow encouraged a compensatory upregulation of DJ-1[alpha], which the authors believe protected the fly from paraquat-induced oxidative damage.
Thus, when the offensive team passes the ball to either wing, the "Basket-Man" (X1) will rotate out to defend the ball, while the original "Ball-Man" (X2) will drop quickly down the lane to protect the basket.
A major risk factor associated with stolen or lost data is that it can't be well protected unless it is encrypted.
Do they protect client data stored inside your networks or put it at risk?
One factor driving this change is the need to protect directors and officers from "derivative claims," which are lawsuits brought by shareholders and investors seeking to compel directors and officers to repay money to the company, said Ann Longmore, senior vice president and D&O product leader for Willis.
Supreme Court and other courts recognize that the constitutional right of privacy protects minors as well as adults.
"As it stands, New Jersey doesn't have a statewide law that protects big trees," Brash points out.
By shifting to an approach that retains local control, protects younger students and empowers older students and holds them accountable, school districts can help young people develop effective filtering and blocking systems that will reside in the hardware that sits upon their shoulders.
They must assess the full range of security assets available -- both human and electronic -- and develop a system that protects the property at every zone from the interior to the public domain.
A copyright protects an original artistic or literary work (e.g.