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Heaven protects children(, sailors,) and drunken men.

Prov. Children(, sailors,) and drunk(ard)s often escape being injured in dangerous situations. (Often used to express amazement that a child, sailor, or drunk person has escaped injury.) Jill: Did you hear? A little girl fell out of a second-floor window in our apartment building. Jane: Was she killed? Jill: She wasn't even hurt. Jane: Heaven protects children, sailors, and drunken men. Mike was so drunk he shouldn't even have been conscious, but he managed to drive home without hurting himself or anyone else; heaven protects children and drunkards.

protect someone or something against someone or something

 and protect someone or something from someone or something
to shield or preserve someone or something against someone or something. Please come along and protect us against muggers as we walk home. What will protect my car against thieves?
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In addition to protecting assets, personal trusts can deal effectively with the situation of children from different marriages.
In those we try to discuss the importance of protecting their personal information," Gude says.
Any technology, or combination of technologies, that analyzes Internet traffic (filters) or limits/directs access to Internet material (blocks) that is used for the purpose of protecting against access to potentially harmful material, should be considered appropriate to meet the CIPA requirements.
5 is the latest version of Network Associates' virus security software, protecting enterprise desktops where large amounts of vital corporate information are kept.
We recognize that nightly tape backup is not adequate for protecting one of our most critical applications, but we can't afford synchronous hardware.
It involves protecting the computer hosting Exchange Server, the Exchange Server storage groups, databases, and individual mailboxes as well as tracking all backups and uses that information to automatically execute the precise procedures needed to restore Exchange Server without requiring extensive manual intervention.
It is useful to separate the concept of protecting user data from the concept of protecting the computers and applications themselves.
The use of hardware security devices is a firmly established best practice for protecting cryptographic keys, with HSMs overcoming many of the inherent security weaknesses of running business software on general purpose servers.
Through its industry leading domain name management service, NetNames Platinum Service, the company is responsible for managing and protecting online brands for international corporates, including in excess of 30% of the FTSE 100.
The technology leader in protecting valuable title assets during entire product life, ECD Systems, Inc.
The entertainment and technology industries have worked hard to develop core rules for protecting digital rights and the software that enforces those rights," said Alec Main, CTO of Cloakware.
Best-of-Breed Security Solutions Protecting the Digital Assets of Major Corporations Throughout the World
The RG33 is a next-generation 6x6 mine protected vehicle that offers more volume under armor than any other C130 transportable mine protected vehicle and incorporates the latest designs in protecting against improvised explosive devices.
Envision's Identity Protection(TM) solution, provides contact centers with a secure, cost-effective and seamless solution for protecting sensitive customer data captured in millions of customer-agent interactions that occur daily.
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