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prostrate (oneself) before (someone or something)

To lie down in a supplicatory position of obedience, submission, respect, or fealty to someone or something. I will never bow to you—I only prostrate myself before God. The only thing you can do is prostrate yourself before her and beg for her forgiveness.
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prostrate oneself before someone or something

1. Lit. to lay oneself out in respect or obedience in front of someone or something. The members of the cult prostrated themselves before their leader. They prostrated themselves before the altar.
2. Fig. to submit to someone's dominance. If you think I'm going to prostrate my self before you and do as you ask, you are wrong. I will not prostrate myself before the high council!
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In ancient times, Jews who ascended the Mount fully prostrated themselves as part of the prayers there.
The day it snowed, we prostrated ourselves to get close to a
Huge, God-like chiefs were brought into an arena on thrones made of solid gold and lesser mortals prostrated themselves before them.
Your long sleek legs striding through your dream - galloping over continents and oceans and riverine plains - you never once looked back, not even when the stars and the sun and monsoon moons prostrated themselves at your gold-sneakered feet.
The most dramatic part came when they all prostrated themselves to ask forgiveness for hurting the women and children in their lives.