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prostrate (oneself) before (someone or something)

To lie down in a supplicatory position of obedience, submission, respect, or fealty to someone or something. I will never bow to you—I only prostrate myself before God. The only thing you can do is prostrate yourself before her and beg for her forgiveness.
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prostrate oneself before someone or something

1. Lit. to lay oneself out in respect or obedience in front of someone or something. The members of the cult prostrated themselves before their leader. They prostrated themselves before the altar.
2. Fig. to submit to someone's dominance. If you think I'm going to prostrate my self before you and do as you ask, you are wrong. I will not prostrate myself before the high council!
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Clovis' prostrate drugs could, at least initially, also have a narrower use label relative to AstraZeneca's drug, and more "visibility is needed into its continued uptake against competitors ...
It's not clear what exactly caused the stampede but most versions said the victims included those lying prostrate. The injured were admitted to a local hospital and one, who is in critical condition, was referred to a bigger hospital.
This will reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostrate. The advantage of this procedure is that there is no surgery scar, early discharge, early ambulation, and in most of the cases there is no need for catheterisation, or putting urine pipe into urethra.
" While the injected drug would act as a male contraceptive, the nano drug compound will have beneficial effects such as preventing baldness, regeneration of hair, prevention of prostrate cancer and managing prostrate enlargement.
He had prostrate cancer, while my father, who lives in the Republic of Ireland, is under treatment at the moment for the same problem, so it is something very close to my heart."
The Prostrate Center is a provider of radiation therapy for men with cancer or other prostrate diseases.
He said that during the event, a specific group of oncology experts will also hold committee meetings to review the prestigious NCCN guidelines on breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostrate cancer, hepatobiliary cancer, lymphoma and palliative care to make the guidelines applicable in the MENA region.
Patients at the hospital would become the first in Scotland to undergo treatment using the machine, which would be used to treat patients with prostrate, bowel, rectal and gynaecological cancers.
lTHE Blue September campaign is designed to get a message out to men about cancers that can affect them - in particular prostrate, testicular, bowel and lung cancer.
In addition to fund raising, the members also raised awareness about the importance of checking for testicular and prostrate cancer.
He said a contributory factor to the death may have been prostrate cancer.
Prostrate cancer is probably one of the best candidates for proton therapy along with any head and neck tumours.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 20, 2010-Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp acquires drug candidates for prostrate cancer(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
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