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in prospect

In sight; as a possibility. I hope this job interview goes well, but, if not, at least I've got a few more in prospect. Folks, I wanted to let you know that we have an exciting new client in prospect—I'll be sure to give you more details once everything is finalized.
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prospect for (something)

1. To carry out an exploration for some kind of natural resource, especially mineral deposits or oil. We've been prospecting for gold in these mountains for months, but we've come away with little more than a few flecks. Thousands of people rushed to the area to begin prospecting for natural shale gas.
2. To explore a particular region for some kind of natural resource, especially mineral deposits or oil. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "prospect" and "for." The company has begun prospecting an area a few miles off the coastline for oil. I'm prospecting this part of the mountain for cobalt.
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prospect for something

to search for something, especially for metals or minerals. The old men said they were prospecting for gold. What are they prospecting for out in the desert?
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Marche Franais is sponsored by the Mount Prospect Sister Cities Commission as a celebration of Mount Prospect's relationship with their Sister City -- Svres, France -- and to promote French culture in our community.
James Nelson, President of Spearmint stated, "We are very encouraged with the initial results on the 'NEBA' Prospects that directly border Aben Resources Ltd.
In the three years Russ has been with Prospect, he has closed approximately $68M in mortgage loan volume.
Social media, websites, the internet, blogs and data analytics allow the producer to learn quite a bit about the prospect in advance of talking to them.
Rather than waiting for prospects to be ready to buy, or bugging them with requests when they haven't asked for help, salespeople are much more likely to close deals if they focus on showing prospects why they need help.
You see, your prospects are immune to the traditional sales pitch.
Is the prospect the decision-maker who signs the checks, and is he or she willing to be seen under conditions favorable to closing the sale?
Prospect Training has more than 25 years experience in its field.
* When you interview a business owner prospect, remember to include detailed questions about how his or her business is organized.
Write a headline that gets to the point You have less than five seconds to impress your prospects to read on.
* Nurturing a prospect through the process takes time--be patient.
Tools like estimated lifetime value or prospect priority indexes can help with this.
23 January 2012 - US investment firm Prospect Capital Corp (NASDAQ:PSEC) said today it will sell its interest in domestic oilfield equipment maker NRG Manufacturing Inc alongside other NRG shareholders.
You appear more and more desperate to your dwindling prospect list.
With a total of 30 targets now identified and prioritised, including the discoveries of the Old Pirate High Grade Gold Prospect and the Buccaneer Porphyry Gold Prospect, we look forward to aggressively drilling throughout 2011 to bring the Twin Bonanza Gold Camp to the forefront of the Australian gold exploration industry."