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in prospect

In sight; as a possibility. I hope this job interview goes well, but, if not, at least I've got a few more in prospect. Folks, I wanted to let you know that we have an exciting new client in prospect—I'll be sure to give you more details once everything is finalized.
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prospect for (something)

1. To carry out an exploration for some kind of natural resource, especially mineral deposits or oil. We've been prospecting for gold in these mountains for months, but we've come away with little more than a few flecks. Thousands of people rushed to the area to begin prospecting for natural shale gas.
2. To explore a particular region for some kind of natural resource, especially mineral deposits or oil. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "prospect" and "for." The company has begun prospecting an area a few miles off the coastline for oil. I'm prospecting this part of the mountain for cobalt.
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prospect for something

to search for something, especially for metals or minerals. The old men said they were prospecting for gold. What are they prospecting for out in the desert?
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Further, do the prospects have a history of giving that would reflect what is important to the organization?
When first approaching a prospective client, for instance, the solicitor must give the prospect a copy of part II of the investment adviser's form ADV and a separate disclosure document.
Always tell the prospect what he or she wants to hear, not what you know (or think) he or she needs to know.
Richard observed that 70 percent of prospects expect to move in four months or more.
There are many different prospect identification numbering systems and it is best to find one that best suits your needs.
The exception here is the situation where you know the prospect knows the publication.
After the prospect has seen the apartment and has said he wants it, that is the point of the landlord's maximum power in the relationship.
The telemarketer--an independent contractor with extensive experience in business-to-business selling--placed calls to companies on the firm's prospect list and set up appointments for partners working in that industry niche.
Including all plants with 20 or more employees, this will provide a prospect universe of about 3000 plants--enough to give you a good start on an effective market prospecting program.
Parallel Interests: Exclusivity keeps the interests of the broker and its prospect or principal aligned.