propose to

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propose to

1. To suggest that some action be taken. I propose to move the meeting to next week. We propose to join forces and repel the invaders as a single, unified army!
2. To make a suggestion to someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "propose" and "to" to specify what is being suggested. I suggested a slightly different way of wording the text to the boss, but he got really mad at me for it. They're proposing a lower price to us for the house seeing as there were so many issues with the plumbing.
3. To ask for someone's hand in marriage; to make a marriage proposal. I'm planning on proposing to Judy while we're in Paris. She proposed to me on my birthday.
See also: propose

propose something to someone

to suggest something to someone. I have an idea I would like to propose to you. Sam wanted to propose a new plan to Sarah.
See also: propose

propose to someone

to suggest marriage to someone, usually a male to a female. Guess who proposed to me last night? Do you think that Sam will propose to Mary?
See also: propose
References in classic literature ?
They must have recollected that it was by this irregular and assumed privilege of proposing to the people plans for their safety and happiness, that the States were first united against the danger with which they were threatened by their ancient government; that committees and congresses were formed for concentrating their efforts and defending their rights; and that CONVENTIONS were ELECTED in THE SEVERAL STATES for establishing the constitutions under which they are now governed; nor could it have been forgotten that no little ill-timed scruples, no zeal for adhering to ordinary forms, were anywhere seen, except in those who wished to indulge, under these masks, their secret enmity to the substance contended for.
On the other hand, the Board is proposing to extend the amount of time that interest charges could be waived.
As the programs are "discretionary," the Board is also proposing to make buildings ineligible where there is a violation of the Certificate of Occupancy.
For the initial meter bill cap, the board is proposing to delete the requirement that the flat-rate conversion credit be considered when determining the eligibility.
16, 1983, proposing to amend the special rule in Regs.
OIG is proposing to adopt substantive changes to the safe harbor for publicly traded corporations that, if finalized, would place in jeopardy many restructurings and acquisitions that have taken place since issuance of the first set of final safe harbor regulations in July 1991.
OIG is proposing to amend the discount provision in several aspects but has failed to clarify some basic concerns arising from the 1991 final safe harbor regulations, such as what "other reductions in price," as permitted by the are protected; whether the provision of goods that relate to the original product constitute impermissible "free goods"; and how detailed discount reporting be when provided on numerous products at the same time.
OIG is proposing to allow sellers to provide discounts - other than forgiveness of deductibles and coinsurance - directly to beneficiaries.
At a briefing on the overall federal R&D budget proposal, an aide to Graham happened to mention that for the first time in the last four years, the administration was not proposing to abolish NBS's fire research and building research centers.
The Service has now solved this technical problem by proposing to amend Regs.