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propose a toast

To request that those present raise their glasses in honor of or tribute to someone or something. Before we all sit down to our meal, I just want to propose a toast to my mother. Mom, we all love you so much, and we hope your retirement marks the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your life.
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man proposes, God disposes

Humans may come up with any number of ambitious or ingenious plans or ideas, but, ultimately, forces outside of our control determine whether they fail or succeed. The sinking of the Titanic, the supposedly unsinkable ship, shows better than perhaps anything else that while man proposes, God disposes. We've given our very best to the project, and, at this point, it's up to fate whether things work out for us. Man proposes, God disposes.
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propose to

1. To suggest that some action be taken. I propose to move the meeting to next week. We propose to join forces and repel the invaders as a single, unified army!
2. To make a suggestion to someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "propose" and "to" to specify what is being suggested. I suggested a slightly different way of wording the text to the boss, but he got really mad at me for it. They're proposing a lower price to us for the house seeing as there were so many issues with the plumbing.
3. To ask for someone's hand in marriage; to make a marriage proposal. I'm planning on proposing to Judy while we're in Paris. She proposed to me on my birthday.
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Man proposes, God disposes.

Prov. People may make plans, but they cannot control the outcome of their plans. Jill: Are you really going to be able to finish writing your novel by the end of the year? Bob: Man proposes, God disposes.
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propose a toast

to make a toast before a celebratory drink. I'd like to propose a toast in honor of your birthday. At the wedding reception, the bride's father proposed a toast to the new couple.
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propose something to someone

to suggest something to someone. I have an idea I would like to propose to you. Sam wanted to propose a new plan to Sarah.
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propose to someone

to suggest marriage to someone, usually a male to a female. Guess who proposed to me last night? Do you think that Sam will propose to Mary?
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propose a ˈtoast (to somebody)

ask people to wish somebody health, happiness and success by raising their glasses and drinking: I’d like to propose a toast to the bride and groom.In the past, the name of a lady who was being wished health and happiness was supposed to improve the flavour of the wine like the pieces of spiced toast that people put in their wine.
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Proposers nay indicate some modules as "optional." optional modules shall not be Included In the overall price proposal, however, prices for optional modules (Including software license and implementation) should be provided, if a module required to fulfill some requirements is listed as optional, the appropriate response code Is "NA." Proposers should then Indicate in the comments column that module Is available but optional.
We will thank Modi ji tomorrow (May 27) for his visionary leadership under which the most important sectors - agriculture and security - are doing pretty good," one of the proposers of Modi, Rama Shankar Patel, told ANI.
In this study, we used a 2 (proposer's facial trustworthiness: untrustworthy vs.
A team representing Argoed comprised Tom Sturt (chairperson), Jenny Carney (speaker) and Chloe Ryle (proposer of the vote of thanks), the speaker on the topic of "Social Media" wittily reminded the audience how obsessive we can be.
However, federal law officers and counsel of election commission opposed the contentions submitting that a proposer or seconder had to be from the same constituency as the candidate and from where the seat of general member was to be filled under rules.
JUSTICE Giridhar Malaviya, the retired judge of the Allahabad High Court and grandson of freedom fighter Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, is likely to be one of the proposers for Narendra Modi when he files his nomination papers from the Varanasi constituency on April 24.
However, members of a particularly large camp made much higher offers as proposers than did members of several smaller camps.
* The Proposer (or an officer, director, agent, representative, shareholder, or employee of the Proposer) has a record of materially violating federal, state, or local regulatory measures (including those established by the FAA, file State of Washington, the City, the County or any other airport owner.1 operator).
The clips were accompanied by a written demand for either an equal cut of 50 per cent or a larger cut of 70 per cent, (which would leave only 30 per cent for the proposer).
The DG is similar to the UG, except that the responder cannot reject the proposer's offer.
Standard economic theory predicts that self-interested proposers will make meager offers, which self-interested responders will accept with a resigned conviction that it's better to leave with a pittance than with nothing.
If deemed necessary, written and/or oral discussions, site visits or any other type of clarification of proposal information may be conducted with those Proposers whose proposals are found to be potentially acceptable.
New Delhi, Apr.21 ( ANI ): Janata Dal-United (JD-U) leader, K C Tyagi on Monday stated that no person who has self-respect would like to be a proposer of Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.
In March, the MTA expects to select a "Proposer Short List" - of indeterminate number - and provide them with a form of the agreement.