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Man proposes, God disposes.

Prov. People may make plans, but they cannot control the outcome of their plans. Jill: Are you really going to be able to finish writing your novel by the end of the year? Bob: Man proposes, God disposes.
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propose a toast

to make a toast before a celebratory drink. I'd like to propose a toast in honor of your birthday. At the wedding reception, the bride's father proposed a toast to the new couple.
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propose something to someone

to suggest something to someone. I have an idea I would like to propose to you. Sam wanted to propose a new plan to Sarah.
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propose to someone

to suggest marriage to someone, usually a male to a female. Guess who proposed to me last night? Do you think that Sam will propose to Mary?
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propose a ˈtoast (to somebody)

ask people to wish somebody health, happiness and success by raising their glasses and drinking: I’d like to propose a toast to the bride and groom.In the past, the name of a lady who was being wished health and happiness was supposed to improve the flavour of the wine like the pieces of spiced toast that people put in their wine.
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Tank Testing May Require The Successful Proposer To Provide Additional Fuel On Short Notice.
However, federal law officers and counsel of election commission opposed the contentions submitting that a proposer or seconder had to be from the same constituency as the candidate and from where the seat of general member was to be filled under rules.
That is, proposers offered more money if the responder showed an angry expression compared to when they showed a neutral expression, but only when the responder demanded 70 per cent of the take.
That undermines any suggestion that chimp or child proposers assumed that their offers could be rejected.
If the Company believes that a proposer has not satisfied any of these eligibility or procedural requirements in accordance with applicable law, the Company will notify the proposer within 14 days of receiving the proposal.
Local Controller Integration: The Proposer shall be able to extract existing controller settings and
Meanwhile, the family of late Shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan has refused to become a proposer for Modi.
Khan's son, Zamin Husain, refused to being a proposer of Modi when he was approached by the BJP.
One thing The Proposer doesn't do is actually propose.
When dealing with an anonymous partner, Hadza proposers made offers almost as low as those of the Machiguenga.
Proposers commonly explain their behavior to researchers by saying that they fear responders will view a low offer as unfair and reject it as a way of punishing the proposer's greediness, even if the responder ends up with nothing.
The proposer shall determine the services that are intended to be performed by its own workforce and those services that have been identified for subcontracting.
The Proposer is strongly encouraged to read the entire RFCSP document prior to submitting response.
At least one proposer for renting the Coliseum has said its plan includes this cost.
An evaluation team comprised of industry experts will review the proposers prices and meet with each proposer team to negotiate a final price.