propose to

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propose to

1. To suggest that some action be taken. I propose to move the meeting to next week. We propose to join forces and repel the invaders as a single, unified army!
2. To make a suggestion to someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "propose" and "to" to specify what is being suggested. I suggested a slightly different way of wording the text to the boss, but he got really mad at me for it. They're proposing a lower price to us for the house seeing as there were so many issues with the plumbing.
3. To ask for someone's hand in marriage; to make a marriage proposal. I'm planning on proposing to Judy while we're in Paris. She proposed to me on my birthday.
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propose something to someone

to suggest something to someone. I have an idea I would like to propose to you. Sam wanted to propose a new plan to Sarah.
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propose to someone

to suggest marriage to someone, usually a male to a female. Guess who proposed to me last night? Do you think that Sam will propose to Mary?
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Wit, valour, and politeness, were likewise proposed to be largely taxed, and collected in the same manner, by every person's giving his own word for the quantum of what he possessed.
The women were proposed to be taxed according to their beauty and skill in dressing, wherein they had the same privilege with the men, to be determined by their own judgment.
Soon after their arrival in Petersburg Berg proposed to Vera and was accepted.
Moreover, the Rostovs' affairs were seriously embarrassed, as the suitor could not but know; and above all, Vera was twenty-four, had been taken out everywhere, and though she was certainly good-looking and sensible, no one up to now had proposed to her.
Ferguson passed for a purely chimerical personage of the Barnum stamp, who, after having gone through the United States, proposed to "do" the British Isles.
The object which I proposed to myself has now, I hope, been attained.
William Blake proposed to rebuild Jerusalem in this green and pleasant land.
For LC I, the load factors for each load case are all 1.33 for the current standard, and are all 1.35 for load cases proposed to be consistent with AS1170.0.
The 2006 regulations are proposed to be effective only for "taxable years beginning one year after the first day of the first taxable year following the publication of a Treasury Decision adopting the rule as a final regulation." (38) Therefore, if the regulations are finalized during 2007, they will be effective for calendar year taxpayers beginning January 1, 2009.
For example, projects may be proposed to analyze gene expression in both frozen tissue and paraffin-embedded tissue, to analyze gene expression at both the RNA and protein level or to analyze both epigenetic alterations and gene expression.
The extensive changes proposed to Circular 230 are complicated, comprehensive and, in some areas, overreaching.
Two of the submitted protocols, iSNS and iFCP, are being proposed to become part of a specifications suite within the Internet Protocol Storage (IPS) Working Group.
The Board's determination is based on all the facts of record, including Notificants' projections of the volume of bank-ineligible securities underwriting and dealing activities proposed to be conducted by Paribas Corporation.
To encourage conservation, the leak forgiveness benefit is proposed to be reduced to half the bill, instead of the current 150 percent of the prior year's average daily consumption.
The regulations are proposed to apply to tax years beginning on or after the date the final regulations are published in the Federal Register.