prophet of doom

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prophet of doom

A person who always warns others about possible negative consequences of decisions or actions. Don't tell Rodney about your new plan—he's such a prophet of doom that he'll completely kill your motivation.
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a ˌprophet of ˈdoom


a ˈdoom merchant

a person who always expects that things will go very badly: Various prophets of doom have suggested that standards in education are worse than ever.
See also: doom, of, prophet
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We survived the millennium when the prophets of doom said there were going to be problems.
Prophets doom place Let the prophets of doom place Livingston as favourites for the drop, we'll use it as inspiration.
The politicians called the elders "prophets of doom" and said that the event was sponsored by politicians and business people in Nairobi opposed to the DP.
Reading in yesterday's letters page (Daily Post, May 28), all the prophets of doom denouncing Brexit.
'Before the 2019 general elections, prophets of doom didn't give the country a chance to conduct peaceful elections.
The future of the country looks "bright" as the full-year economic growth target will likely be achieved despite the "prophets of doom," Malacanang said Friday.
"The CBC in the first term has been successful to an extent that we ashamed a few prophets of doom who thought that we were set for failure."
The prophets of doom and gloom appeared immediately after the result and continue still.
"The prophets of doom have been quick to predict gloom for the North-east after Brexit.
DANNY WILSON is well aware the prophets of doom have already written off any chance of Rangers producing a shock result tomorrow.
The Swans' English winger says prophets of doom, such as pundits Robbie Savage and Mark Lawrenson - who have both had to eat humble pie after predicting the club would struggle - need to wise up to a new force in the west.
VATICAN CITY * Pope Benedict XVI asked nuns, brothers and priests not to listen to the "prophets of doom" who say consecrated life has no future or that it has no meaning in today's world.
REGULAR readers of the Racing Post will be aware how much the Horseracing Sponsors Association bangs the sponsors' drum and continues to argue, despite prophets of doom in certain quarters, how well sponsorship is doing, notwithstanding the economic downturn.
I SEE the prophets of doom are at it again, this time telling us we will all die if we each too much meat.
Remember, the prophets of doom state we will lose our voice in the decision making by Europe.