prophet of doom

prophet of doom

A person who always warns others about possible negative consequences of decisions or actions. Don't tell Rodney about your new plan—he's such a prophet of doom that he'll completely kill your motivation.
See also: doom, of, prophet

a ˌprophet of ˈdoom


a ˈdoom merchant

a person who always expects that things will go very badly: Various prophets of doom have suggested that standards in education are worse than ever.
See also: doom, of, prophet
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The former West Ham boss added: "I don't want to be the prophet of doom for any club, I've a lot of mates who are managers in the Prem and I wish them all the very best.
On the other hand, Labour's prophet of doom Alan Kelly had water on the brain during the same Dail debate on climate change.
THAT lugubrious prophet of doom, council leader Sir Albert Bore, has warned that Birmingham's swimming pools are under threat of closure.
Perhaps instead of uttering fulminations as a prophet of doom against two councils doing their best to struggle with a hugely difficult financial situation and an economic downturn made worse by Government policy he should try a new vocation and apply for a part in a different long-running saga - Les Miserables
However, he doesn't seem that hopeful about the prospect - if anything, he sounds like the US side's prophet of doom.
PROPHET of doom Luke Wilkshire warned his Dynamo Moscow mates that Scott McDonald liked big-game hunting.
18 Which actor plays a self-styled prophet of doom who demands seven virgins from the local community in the 1993 drama Mr Wroe's Virgins?
The global-warming prophet of doom is considering personally targeting members of Congress who have what he considers to be a poor track record on climate change in the coming November elections.
Well, I hate to do a Mystic Meg or even be the prophet of doom but I predict unemployment for some colleagues in the TV World.
Unabashed at being labelled a Biblical prophet of doom, Singer retorted: "You may be right, sir, but Jeremiah was generally on the ball.
Most of us know that - so when another prophet of doom speaks - we're not bothered.
Perched low, impassive, silent, and seemingly unmoved, it feigns obscurity and anonymity, but the upward avian thrust, grave countenance, and ghastly glare label it prophet of doom.
Perhaps he could quit sounding like the prophet of doom and take time in prayer to forgive those bishops and priests he so easily condemns in this article.
Due to his clairvoyant skills he became very famous in all of Europe, often referred to as the Prophet of Doom.
CORRIE'S prophet of doom Edna will finally get one of her death predictions right - she's being killed off by the top soap.