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good and proper

1. Appropriate and acceptable, often socially. Don't cancel your meeting with him at the last minute—that's not good and proper behavior.
2. With intensity. Mom scolded me good and proper after I ignored my chores yet again.
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prim and proper

Having very traditional, morally conservative beliefs and behavior. I've never dated someone who is so prim and proper before. I'm not sure how he's going react when he meets my family! She's so prim and proper that I bet she's never even jaywalked before.
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go through (the proper) channels

To take the correct or accepted steps toward achieving some goal or outcome. I'm sorry, but we can't approve of this request because you didn't go through the proper channels. If you went through channels, then they have no reason to turn you away.
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prim and ˈproper

(of a person) very correctly behaved and easily shocked by anything that is rude: Don’t invite her to the party. She’s so prim and proper.
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ˌgood and ˈproper

(British English, spoken) completely; thoroughly: That’s messed things up good and proper.
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There were 51 accidents caused by people on foot not looking properly before they stepped out into the road.
Competitive Advantage: The Economic Impact of Properly Licensed Software is a groundbreaking analysis that draws on data from 95 countries to demonstrate the benefits to national economies of using fully licensed software.
The study confirms that increasing use of licensed software corresponds to substantial positive gains in GDP, and that the economic stimulus effect of properly licensed software is significantly greater than that of pirated software.
For more information, see Tax Clinic, "Avoiding Substantial Penalties by Properly Reporting Damage Awards and Settlements," by Stan Kaminski, JD, in the August 2006 issue of The Tax Adviser.
Amounts received by other taxpayers (that are not individuals or governments) that have been properly reported on Form 1042-S and do not exceed $500,000 (increased from $10,000) and are not received through an intermediary or flow-through entity.
This will prevent other stations from loading properly.
However, when handled properly, the material has been used safely and successfully at sites across the country, therefore the landfills with odor problems should look internally for a cause to the odor.
Not properly preparing and educating your employees for emergencies.
We are confident that our programs are properly structured and accounted for, and have the appropriate risk transfer in place:' he said.
Closely follow the installation instructions that start on Page 3-I 10 of TM 92320-280-20-2 to install the shroud properly.
Many of these features only operate properly in the upper Error Recovery Levels of the protocol--the same ERLs which most vendors have chosen not to include in their iSCSI stack.
Armed with data, state education officials say they will have a "gold mine" of educational information allowing them to fund school districts properly and conduct a plethora of evaluations, such as how student mobility affects grade performance.
This means landing properly in a triple-threat position, keeping the defense at bay.