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good and proper

1. Appropriate and acceptable, often socially. Don't cancel your meeting with him at the last minute—that's not good and proper behavior.
2. With intensity. Mom scolded me good and proper after I ignored my chores yet again.
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prim and proper

Having very traditional, morally conservative beliefs and behavior. I've never dated someone who is so prim and proper before. I'm not sure how he's going react when he meets my family! She's so prim and proper that I bet she's never even jaywalked before.
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go through (the proper) channels

To take the correct or accepted steps toward achieving some goal or outcome. I'm sorry, but we can't approve of this request because you didn't go through the proper channels. If you went through channels, then they have no reason to turn you away.
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prim and ˈproper

(of a person) very correctly behaved and easily shocked by anything that is rude: Don’t invite her to the party. She’s so prim and proper.
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ˌgood and ˈproper

(British English, spoken) completely; thoroughly: That’s messed things up good and proper.
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However, the government has failed in lifting the entire garbage due to utter mismanagement and absence of proper disposal system.
The Kor Group announced it has formed a partnership with the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman, Sachs & Co, which has become a capital partner for Austin Proper Hotel & Residences.
In partnership with existing Boston Proper management, including Boston Proper president and chief merchandising officer Sheryl Clark, Brentwood will refocus on building a direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand through Boston Proper's print, digital and social channels.
It's a trait I've only noticed fairly recently with my son and his cronies but, now that I have, it's getting proper annoying.
Proper Group International is a world class supplier of industrial plastics serving manufacturing by providing a complete solution for the development of plastic products for the automotive, appliance, and consumer products industries.
I can forgive him all this talking big, but - even though I was salivating at some of his creations - I began to get "proper" irritated by his love of the word proper.
Proper Welsh began distributing milk to Tesco stores on Tuesday.
The flat two-dimensional proper intrinsic metric spacetimes denoted by ([phi][rho]', [phi]c[phi]t') and (-[phi][rho]'*, -[phi]c[phi]t'*), which underlies the flat four-dimensional proper metric spacetimes ([SIGMA]', ct') and (-[SIGMA]'*, -ct'*) of the positive and negative universes respectively, were introduced as ansatz in sub-section 4.
Is it only right and proper that we should have to suffer for the financial chaos caused by the utter greed and fraud practised by the fat-cat London and New York bankers?
Over hundreds of passengers visit Pirwadhai, Karachi Company and Faizabad almost every day, but there are no proper waiting rooms or any other facility at these stops.
1]appropriate, suitable <Use the proper tool for the job.
Handmade pasty manufacturer Proper Cornish Food Company is expanding into the strong premium snack market with its new range of grab and go mini Cornish shortbread biscuits.
of Leiden) presents at textbook for advanced students of linguistics and onomastics intended to fill a gap in the study of proper names, especially in English.
I wish to challenge Father Bedard's suggestion that there is little point saying Mass or hearing confessions unless the pastor has ensured that the students have had proper preparation beforehand.
False -- Only by using proper tackling and blocking techniques will axial loading be prevented.